It is no surprise that lights can affect your health. For years now, people have done extensive research on how different wavelengths can significantly uplift your mood, create a therapeutic environment, improve your sleep cycle, and provide other such benefits. LED lights are not a stranger to the world of this research since they provide numerous benefits to your health.

In this article, we aim to talk about some of the proven health benefits of LED lighting, so you as a consumer can be better informed about the perks of your LED lights purchases.

Reduced Headaches

Previously available fluorescent bulbs had the disadvantage of a constant flicker. With modern LED lighting, you can easily get rid of this issue. Therefore, people who suffer from migraines, sinus-induced headaches, and other headaches can find LED lights more soothing and less stressful. In addition, LED lights have a resemblance to natural light, thus providing additional comfort, especially when people are spending so much time indoors especially during COVID-19.

Better Aligned Circadian Rhythm

An improved circadian rhythm is one of the most popular and attractive health benefits that LED lighting offers. Spending too much time outside, exposed to constant daylight, can negatively impact your circadian rhythm. This is where LED lights come into play. With their resemblance to natural-light and their wavelength when emitting blue light, LED lights can undo this damage to a great extent.

Increased Productivity 

The wavelength of the blue LED light helps in the production of melatonin in your body, which improves your circadian rhythm and makes you more alert and active, thus resulting in higher productivity. While the same wavelength is present in sunlight, the intensity is more significant, which can cause strain and can also ruin your sleep cycle. With LED lights, you are exposed to the right intensity of blue light, thus making it an obviously better choice.

Improves Learning Ability

It has been observed that learning environments that had LED lights installed showed a more favorable result. LED lighting enhances your cognitive ability, thus increasing your overall productivity and learning.

No Harmful Toxins

Using conventional and traditional style incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs puts your health at risk by exposing you to certain toxins, including mercury and UV rays. Even if you are exposed to a minimal quantity of mercury, it can still prove to be very harmful, impacting your eyes, lungs, skin, digestive, and nervous systems. However, on the other hand, LED lights do not contain any such toxins, thus making them ideal for your safety. In addition, the absence of toxins makes them easy to dispose of, unlike the traditional light bulbs.

Treats SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Light therapy is emerging as a very popular technique for therapy, particularly for SAD and other similar disorders. With exposure to natural-looking LED light, your brain cells linked to your mood and sleep cycle will be heightened and will produce positive results, thus helping you cure your disorder to an extent.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

In addition to treating disorders like SAD, LED light therapy has also shown a reduction in users’ stress and anxiety levels. The comfortable environment created through the use of LED power light bulbs can significantly lower your stress levels through the production of melatonin. Overall, it makes you feel more at ease and boosts productivity, consequently reducing your stress and anxiety.  

Are LED lights the right option?

The multiple control options that come alongside LED lights allow you to control the wavelength of the light emitted through the color of the LED light. This control amplifies your comfort by allowing you to monitor what color is on display and allows you to take control of what light you want to be displayed, depending on your mood and the benefits you are seeking.

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