Can I use SafeLumin with a dimmer switch?
No, the SafeLumin power outage sensor will not work and the light may flicker or buzz.
Can I use SafeLumin in totally enclosed luminaires?
No, the LED and battery will overheat and degrade prematurely. It is important to install SafeLumin in a well ventilated location. Only install in indoor operating environments between -5ºC and +35ºC (+23ºF and +95ºF).
Can I use SafeLumin with incandescent and halogen bulbs on the same switch?

No, incandescent and halogen bulbs are not compatible with SafeLumin. They will cause the sensor to falsely detect a power outage and turn SafeLumin on after the light switch is turned off. SafeLumin is only compatible with normal LED and CFL bulbs.

Can I simulate power outage and verify SafeLumin function?

Yes, you can simulate the power outage with following setup:

  1. You need 1 power strip, 1 light fixtures such as table lamp, 1 SafeLumin, and 1 hair dryer (needed to simulate a load).
  2. Install SafeLumin into the light fixture (table lamp).
  3. Plug the lamp and hair dryer cords into the power strip; then plug the power strip into the wall outlet.
  4. Turn on light switch and hair dryer (hair dryer must be turn on full-blast).
  5. Turn off the power strip’s switch (to simulate the power outage).
  6. You will see light and hair dryer both go off, but SafeLumin comes back on in 1sec.
  7. Now turn SafeLumin light switch on and off to see it in action.

Advanced verification: Use “Main” breaker to cut “whole house” power (cut power at main breaker, not sub-panel breaker), and turn light switch on and off to verify SafeLumin works in your light fixture. However, this is unnecessary and we do not recommend it as many users are unfamiliar with the house breaker operation.

Can I unplug the lamp cord from the outlet to simulate the power outage?

No, a normal house breaker box has many branches and SafeLumin’s sensor uses these to identify the power condition. To simulate the power outage, please see above instruction.

How does the battery life test button work?

Battery life test button: Press the test button and you will see SafeLumin blink.

3 blinks: Full charge (works 2-3 hrs)
2 blinks: Half charge (works 1-2 hrs)
1 blink: Low charge (works 1 min -1 hr)
0 blinks: Empty charge (works 0 hr)

If after several years of use it only blinks once after charging 6 hours that means the battery is degraded from normal wear and tear. You should replace it with a new battery to ensure proper functioning. Please contact us to order your new battery. www.safelumin.com

TIPS: If showing 0 blinks, check the battery wire connection to make sure it is secure. Then charge for 6 hours. If it still does not blink then replace with a new battery.

It is good idea for ANNUAL inspection at the same time you check your smoke detector.

How do I replace the battery?

Replacing battery step-by-step:

A. Remove screw. Set aside. Press the cover triple lines and slide off battery cover. Set aside. Grasp the white connector and gently pull the wire to remove the battery. Pull the small white connector apart.

B. The wire is color coded red and black. Take your new battery and latch the small white connectors together until  you feel the click and the connector locks.  Make sure your red & black wires  match.

C. Insert the battery bottom first and then tuck in the wire carefully. Position the battery cover half way over the opening and slide up to close. Add the screw back to the battery cover. Then press the test button to verify the battery is functioning.

D. Dispose of used battery promptly. Keep away from children. Do not disassemble and do not dispose of in fire.

I charged my brand new SafeLumin for 6 hours but it did not blink 3 times when I pressed the test button. Why?
In rare cases the battery connector may loosen during transportation. The simple fix is to disconnect (pull apart) and reconnect the plug as described above in “Replacing battery step-by-step” figure B. It should then blink 3 times showing full charge.