Proven Health Benefits of LED Lighting

Proven Health Benefits of LED Lighting

It is no surprise that lights can affect your health. For years now, people have done extensive research on how different wavelengths can significantly uplift your mood, create a therapeutic environment, improve your sleep cycle, and provide other such benefits. LED lights are not a stranger to the world of this research since they provide numerous benefits to your health.

In this article, we aim to talk about some of the proven health benefits of LED lighting, so you as a consumer can be better informed about the perks of your LED lights purchases.

Reduced Headaches

Previously available fluorescent bulbs had the disadvantage of a constant flicker. With modern LED lighting, you can easily get rid of this issue. Therefore, people who suffer from migraines, sinus-induced headaches, and other headaches can find LED lights more soothing and less stressful. In addition, LED lights have a resemblance to natural light, thus providing additional comfort, especially when people are spending so much time indoors especially during COVID-19.

Better Aligned Circadian Rhythm

An improved circadian rhythm is one of the most popular and attractive health benefits that LED lighting offers. Spending too much time outside, exposed to constant daylight, can negatively impact your circadian rhythm. This is where LED lights come into play. With their resemblance to natural-light and their wavelength when emitting blue light, LED lights can undo this damage to a great extent.

Increased Productivity 

The wavelength of the blue LED light helps in the production of melatonin in your body, which improves your circadian rhythm and makes you more alert and active, thus resulting in higher productivity. While the same wavelength is present in sunlight, the intensity is more significant, which can cause strain and can also ruin your sleep cycle. With LED lights, you are exposed to the right intensity of blue light, thus making it an obviously better choice.

Improves Learning Ability

It has been observed that learning environments that had LED lights installed showed a more favorable result. LED lighting enhances your cognitive ability, thus increasing your overall productivity and learning.

No Harmful Toxins

Using conventional and traditional style incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs puts your health at risk by exposing you to certain toxins, including mercury and UV rays. Even if you are exposed to a minimal quantity of mercury, it can still prove to be very harmful, impacting your eyes, lungs, skin, digestive, and nervous systems. However, on the other hand, LED lights do not contain any such toxins, thus making them ideal for your safety. In addition, the absence of toxins makes them easy to dispose of, unlike the traditional light bulbs.

Treats SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Light therapy is emerging as a very popular technique for therapy, particularly for SAD and other similar disorders. With exposure to natural-looking LED light, your brain cells linked to your mood and sleep cycle will be heightened and will produce positive results, thus helping you cure your disorder to an extent.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

In addition to treating disorders like SAD, LED light therapy has also shown a reduction in users’ stress and anxiety levels. The comfortable environment created through the use of LED power light bulbs can significantly lower your stress levels through the production of melatonin. Overall, it makes you feel more at ease and boosts productivity, consequently reducing your stress and anxiety.  

Are LED lights the right option?

The multiple control options that come alongside LED lights allow you to control the wavelength of the light emitted through the color of the LED light. This control amplifies your comfort by allowing you to monitor what color is on display and allows you to take control of what light you want to be displayed, depending on your mood and the benefits you are seeking.

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Since by now you might be aware of how beneficial LED lighting can be for your health, you might have stopped contemplating and have decided to buy LED lights. With SafeLumin, you have access to some of the most reliable and long-lasting rechargeable LED lights. Contact us today, and our experts will provide you with your desired lights. You can write to us through an email or give us a call! Know the 4 Major Health Benefits of LED Lighting Clients who wish to get a sneak into the experience before making the purchase can visit Safelumin website for more detail and explore the multiple options that we have in stock!

Best Rechargeable LED bulb for Home in 2021

Best Rechargeable LED bulb for Home in 2021

Nobody likes to stay in the dark. With a rechargeable LED light bulb, you do not have to fret over finding matches, candles, or flashlights when the lights go out. With brands like SafeLumin, you have access to the best rechargeable emergency light bulbs.

Safelumin light was created after working on commercial projects involving emergency lighting.

Focused on bringing into the home the same emergency lighting options as seen in commercial buildings during power outages or natural disasters morphed into the Safelumin light bulb.

In 2015 Safelumin was incorporated as a separate company solely focused on consumer emergency lighting solutions. SafeLumin has always been one step ahead of their competitors. If you are looking for an emergency LED light bulb that will assist you in the form of providing power outage lights, SafeLumin is the right one! 

SafeLumin is popular for taking pride in the quality of their products and we can assure you this pride is not unjustified. They have consistently striven to maintain the LED light bulb standards that they have set in the industry. By raising the bar, they have the highest quality LED battery powered light bulbs, which are the most convenient products available in the market. The ease of use comes alongside the simple installation feature that does not require any wiring, screws, or remote controls. Simply screw into your existing bulb socket. Their products happen to be a consumer favorite for a variety of different reasons, including the following: 

  1. Easy to Install
  2. Adaptable to existing lamps
  3. Compatible with normal LED or CFL bulbs
  4. Patented air-gap to keep the battery cool
  5. Patented power outage sensing technology
  6. Smart self-charging technology
  7. Battery test function
  8. Flashlight options
  9. Holds charge for more than 6 months

Benefits of using Safelumin LED lights in comparison to other brands 

While there are many competitors available in the market, including GE, JackonLux, Boundary, Feit, Sengled, and several others, SafeLumin happens to have a clear advantage over all these brands due to the following reasons: 

  • Superior battery test button to identify battery conditions. This button feature is one of the things that sets the brand apart as none of its competitors have products that offer this feature. 
  • The product’s compatibility allows it to work with up to 12 other CFL or LED light bulbs on the same switch without false sensing. That is another feature that all other brands have failed to provide. 
  • The Standard A19 size provided by SafeLumin fits any standard lamp, thus making it highly adaptable. Competing brand are larger, bulkier, and often do not fit standard lamp.
  • No other brand has a patented air-gap in its LED light bulb to protect its battery from thermal damage. Competing brands often “cook” their battery in 6-8 months.
  • The automated charging system that allows the device to stop charging once the battery reaches 100% is another feature that many competing brands do not have.
  • When it comes to power outages, you can never be 100% sure of the duration. With the best rechargeable LED light bulb, you can have a backup source of light that holds its charging for up to 6 months. One of the competing brands drain their battery in 5 days. Other brands will drain in a few months. 
  • During the power outage, the backup light brightness of most rechargeable LED bulbs in the market starts to diminish after 1.5 hours. This is not the case with SafeLumin which maintains the same brightness for the entire 3 hours duration.
  • Safelumin also has multi-voltage AC 100-240V feature for global use. 
  • SafeLumin has enabled a flashlight mode in its emergency LED light bulbs. 
  • One area where SafeLumin dominates over its competitors is its patented sensing technology. SafeLumin is the only brand that works reliably.

Keeping in mind all these plus points, we can establish that SafeLumin is the superior brand and has an undeniable and well-earned advantage over all of its competitors in the market. 

Why does SafeLumin have the superior product?

If you are still not convinced that Safelumin is the ideal brand in the market for your choice of rechargeable light bulbs, there are a series of other benefits that their products tend to offer that are hard to find among other products in the market. 

The products turn on and off with your existing light switch while the power is out. It has a rechargeable battery; thus, you do not have to get worked up over a worn-out battery. The ability to test battery condition is essential to make sure battery is good when you need it. Safelumin recommends an annual test by simply pressing the test button: 1 blink 1hour, 2 blinks 2 hours and 3 blinks 3hours. Not only is Safelumin energy efficient, but the product also requires low heat and is resistant to getting shattered.

Safelumin’s sleek and elegant design makes it even more tempting for homeowners looking for a cost and energy-efficient yet a modern-looking solution to their power outage problems. Their LED light bulbs are highly durable and can last up to 25,000 hours. They are easy to install and have no mercury content in the bulbs. The “no UV” feature makes them ideal and safe for artwork, and the emergency LED light bulbs tend to have a stable color consistency. 


Getting a rechargeable LED light bulb is a safe bet and is an investment that can never go wrong if you purchase the right brand. Before making your purchase, make sure the product you are buying is not overly complicated and has compatible and adaptable features. With SafeLumin, you get all this and so much more at reasonable costs and the promise of a future that is not filled with darkness!

Purchase your LED small battery-operated light bulb backup today as you never know when you might face a power outage and regret your decision of not buying an emergency battery bulb. Don’t leave your family in the dark! We can guarantee that you will not regret this decision since you can even use the LED light bulb under normal circumstances Purchase now Safelumin Rechargeable Light Bulb (Soft White) at affordable price.

Why Do People Need Rechargeable LED Bulbs?

Why Do People Need Rechargeable LED Bulbs?

It is an obvious truth that people have some fundamental survival needs, such as food, water, and sleep. While these elements compensate for a person’s biological and physiological demands, people require many more things to flourish rather than simply survive. One of these things is a blessing that millions around the world take for granted every day: light. Light is just a way of life for most of us, and as a consequence, we have become highly reliant on its constant presence.

Most of us have watched Hollywood films depicting the future, with images of flying automobiles, totally automated day-to-day facilities, and sophisticated robotics creating a larger, cleaner, and more advanced society. Many of these tech innovations are still in the future. A break-through invention we can enjoy right now is the Rechargeable LED Bulb. Because of their exceptional energy efficiency, non-toxic eco-friendly origin, and safety in outages, these Rechargeable LED Bulbs are popular and trending in homes and business. LED lighting is a cutting-edge technology that differs significantly from old school lighting sources. 

If you have not started using rechargeable LED bulbs in your house or facility, now is a perfect time. But if you are not confident making this switch, here are the top reasons why everyone right now needs rechargeable LED bulbs. 

  1. They help to tackle power outage situations:

If your house already has battery backup lighting, you are aware of the benefits of having lights when the electricity goes out. Moving about a dark hallway is risky for you and your household, particularly if you have to go up or down the stairs in the dark. Backup battery LED light bulbs can simply turn on with your existing light switch during a power outage. When the power goes off, an LED bulb with a built-in battery will stay on for up to 3 hours. It is used as a standard light bulb daily with normal power.

  • They are tremendously energy-efficient:

LEDs are our most energy-efficient lighting source since they have an efficiency of 80-90 percent, which means that 80-90 percent of their energy is converted into light instead of heat. Incandescent light wastes 80% of their energy as heat and are hence just 20% efficient. Rechargeable LED bulbs can be used to illuminate your entire home. After a year, you’ll find it to be a reasonable investment, especially if you get your lights from a reputable provider with outstanding deals.

  • They can help reduce your carbon footprint:

There are no hazardous chemicals or components in rechargeable LED bulbs, such as mercury. They are also entirely recyclable; utilizing LED lights can help you decrease your carbon impact by one-third. Because they last so long – on average 35 times longer than halogens – they reduce landfill waste and manufacturing carbon footprint.

  • They provide a lot of design freedom:

Rechargeable LED bulbs can be arranged and combined in an endless number of configurations to create efficient – but also controlled – lighting. The colour, hue, intensity, and dispersion of light may all be precisely adjusted. This results in good work lighting, relaxing, elevating, or energizing mood lighting. Rechargeable LED bulbs usually are big and bulky. Only the Safelumin brand has a unique compact design that is the same size as a regular light bulb.

  • They are made of durable material:

Rechargeable LED bulbs are constructed of highly durable materials and components that can withstand harsh weather, tremors, vibrations, and scratches. These bulbs do not have filaments or glass casings. This implies they are resilient to breaking and can tolerate vibrations and other severe impacts.

  • They work instantly and for a prolonged period:

Rechargeable LED lights are bright straight away and can be switched off and on as many times as needed without compromising their effectiveness over time. It generally takes a few minutes for compact-fluorescent lights (CFL) to reach maximum brightness, and they have a shorter lifespan. Rechargeable LED bulbs are suitable for any room, staircase, hallway, bathroom, basement, nursing home, clinic, restaurant, hotel, store, hospital…etc. Use Safelumin LED light bulbs all day, every day as much as you want. It auto charges when lights on, stops charging when the battery is full.


While halogen lights are still available for purchase, several varieties are no longer manufactured. Therefore, the time to transition to Rechargeable LED bulbs has never been better. If you’re seeking the best rechargeable LED bulbs, go no further than Safelumin, the world’s finest self-charged rechargeable light bulb that works just like regular light bulbs. Simply install the Safelumin bulb in any light socket and use it daily. When the light is turned on, it recharges. When the electricity goes out, the backup light will illuminate for up to three hours on-demand from your light switch. Imagine never having to worry about being stranded in the dark due to a power outage. Buy now Safelumin effective Rechargeable Light Bulb It is an affordable way to have light during blackouts without purchasing a costly generator.

Small Steps Can Make a Difference

Small Steps Can Make a Difference

If you’ve recently found yourself in the market for new lightbulbs, you’ve probably been confronted with what appears to be a limitless number of alternatives. Recent technological advancements have provided us with a plethora of new lighting options. A simple source of light has evolved into something far more complex, ranging from lightbulbs that react to sound waves to lightbulbs designed to fight off harmful pathogens, and one that has a patented battery backup system – Safelumin.

When all you need is a new bulb for your bedside lamp, how can you be sure that you pick the appropriate choice? When it comes to light bulbs, which ones are designed to be more environmentally friendly while also helping us save money on our energy bills?

The small step you take in purchasing a light bulb may make a difference in your own life and the lives of others, and the environment.

What are the benefits of using Safelumin LED lights?

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting technology has several advantages, which are listed below. They are arranged in descending order of significance, beginning with the most essential item first:

  1. LED Lights Have a Longer Lifespan

If you compare the lifespan of LEDs to that of traditional lighting systems, it is easy to see why they are the more practical choice. 50,000 to 100,000 operational hours or more is the typical life expectancy of an LED bulb in everyday use. That is 2-4 times longer than the life expectancy of most fluorescent, metal halide, and even sodium vapour lighting fixtures. It has a lifespan that is more than 40 times that of a standard incandescent bulb. According to Safelumin, the Safelumin led light bulb can be used for up to 25,000 hours. Based on a three-hour-per-day work schedule, this equates to 22.8 years. Having to replace bulbs less frequently results in two significant benefits: lower maintenance costs in terms of personnel and lower costs for replacement bulbs (because the bulbs do not fail for a long time).

  1. Efficacy of LEDs in terms of energy consumption

LEDs use relatively little electricity. Two items, Wattage and Lumen, describe the amount of light emitted for each unit of power consumed by the bulb. Wattage is unit of power consumption; Lumen is unit of brightness. Before LED bulbs were invented, people used to use “Wattage” to describe how bright the bulb is, like 40W, 60W, 75W, 100W…etc. Since LED bulbs are highly energy efficient, a 7.5W LED bulb can now produce the same brightness as a 60W incandescent bulb. Therefore, the LED industry started to use “Lumen” to describe how bright the bulb is. For example: the glass incandescent 60W will produce 800 lumens of brightness; the Safelumin LED 7.5W will also produce the same 800 lumens of brightness. That is a whopping 87.5% less energy consumed by Safelumin led light bulb. Estimated annual energy costs are to be $0.92 per bulb.

  1. Improved Safety as a Result of LEDs

When it comes to LED lighting, one of the most frequently neglected benefits is that it is safe. When it comes to lighting, the most dangerous concern is the release of heat into the environment. LEDs emit almost little forward heat, whereas traditional bulbs such as incandescent convert more than 90 percent of the total energy used to power them straight into heat. LEDs emit very little forward heat. That means that only 10% of the energy consumed to power incandescent lights is used to produce light itself (which also makes them highly inefficient compared to LEDs). Furthermore, because LEDs consume less power, they can be used to a significant advantage on low-voltage electrical networks. If something goes wrong, these are typically considered to be much safer.

  1. LED chips are tiny in terms of physical size

The actual LED gadget is exceptionally modest in comparison to its surroundings. Small power devices can be as small as a tenth of a single millimetre square, whereas more significant power devices can be as small as a millimetre square. Because of their small size, LEDs are incredibly versatile and can be used in many lighting applications. LED chips are used in various applications ranging from their origins in circuit board illumination and traffic signals to modern mood lighting, residential and commercial property applications, and even significant stadium lighting.

  1. LEDs produce directional emissions

LED technology emits light for only 180 degrees across its circumference. Incandescent and CFL bulbs emit light in a circle around the source in all directions. To reflect and redirect the light emitted, supplementary devices are required. This drives up the costs of the system as a whole and inevitably leads to losses, which means that the device is forced to operate at a lower efficiency than it would otherwise operate at. LEDs eliminate this problem and return the savings to the user in the form of increased overall energy efficiency.

Safelumin Is a Unique Power Outage LED Light Bulb Compared to its Class

  1. KEEP THE LIGHTS ON EVEN IF THE POWER GOES OFF: There will be no more fumbling around in the dark looking for candles, matches, and a flashlight that might work. You will get Safelumin backup light for 3 hours on-demand with the ease of simply switching your existing light switch on and off.
  2. PATENTED AIR-GAP TECHNOLOGY: Using a proprietary air-gap design, Safelumin has significantly reduced the risk of LED and battery overheating. This ensures that the performance of small battery-operated light is long-lasting.
  3. ENSURES CONTINUOUS POWER OUTAGE BRIGHTNESS: Safelumin won’t get dimmer and dimmer as the battery drains. Safelumin comes with a 120lm backup light and maintains 120lm from the first minute to the last minute of battery life. This means the backup light has the sustained brightness for 3 hours.
  4. EFFICENT POWER OUTAGE SENSOR: The power outage sensor system from Safelumin utilizes relatively little energy and has a battery life of around six months when charged to 100% of its maximum capacity. Safelumin recommends that rechargeable light bulbs be turned on for 6 hours every three months to maintain full charge.
  5. PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: Safelumin’s unique technology can distinguish between a power outage and a switch being turned OFF. It is a one-of-a-kind bright light bulb that has been tested and certified by Underwriter Laboratory. Safelumin offers high quality and reliability.
  6. MULTI-BULB COMPATIBILITY: Safelumin is compatible with up to 12 additional LED or CFL light bulbs connected to the same light switch.
Safelumin Patented Air-gap

Final Words

The materials used to make LEDs are non-toxic, in contrast to Compact Fluorescent lighting (CFL), which contains mercury and will pollute the environment. LED is recyclable and is also referred to as “green” or “environmentally friendly.” LEDs are in the process of displacing traditional incandescent lighting. LEDs are unquestionably becoming the preferred lighting solution for both homes and business, and this trend is expected to continue. LED technology is constantly evolving, resulting in brighter LED light bulbs. Take the small step of purchasing Safelumin LED battery backup lights and enjoy the benefits of this modern technology.

Dangers Of Power Outage

Dangers Of Power Outage

How do you feel when the power suddenly goes off?  It can cause havoc not only to a single family but the entire community and even the economy when there is an extended power outage. Apart from that, there are also other dangers that power outages can cause. Mainly with us now living in a wired electrical world, where almost everything needs a steady electricity supply to stay in operation, a sudden power outage can be quite disastrous.

Several factors can cause a loss of power. For example, freezing temperature, heat waves, natural disasters, electrical grid problems, a fallen tree, and sudden demand for high power, to name a few. All these situations can lead to your home having no electricity for hours or more.

This article will look into the dangers of a power outage and how to cope with it.

Dangers Of Power Outage

Any homeowner should be aware of the dangers of a power outage and prepare for it. If you haven’t thought about it before, it’s time you consider the issues and risks you can face during a power outage.

#1 HVAC Issues

All your air conditioning, and the heating system will stop working during the power outage. As a result, during the summer the temperature in your house will increase rapidly. It can cause dehydration and even heat stroke in children, pets, and older people. Similarly, a power outage during winter will plummet the room temperature causing immense discomfort. It can also lead to water pipes freezing and later explode.

#2 Using Alternate Heating Source

Stay away from alternate heating sources during winter. If you want to use a wood-burning stove to stay warm or a gas-powered generator so you can keep the essentials running on electricity, know the dangers of these. All these alternatives generate carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. So, educate yourself on how to use these safely.

#3 Medical Equipment Nightmare

When there is a power outage, medical equipment that runs on electricity will stop functioning. This can easily put the individual who depends on the equipment at risk. So, you must have some power-back-up supply for such equipment or enroll the member in a medical alert program so they can get the necessary help.

#4 Security System Is Out

Most home security system nowadays along with electricity also require internet access. When there is a power outage, internet connectivity ceases. You might have a system that runs on battery, but when the outage is extended, then the chances are the alarm system will stop functioning after a time. If you need your security system to work even when there is electricity failure, ask the security company to monitor the system either through cellular service or landline.

#5 Light Is Out

Last but not least, one of the significant dangers and the primary indicator of electricity failure is when the lights in the whole house go dark. Keeping flashlights in strategic areas of the house and extra batteries along with backup emergency lamps can be beneficial. Better yet, changing your lighting system to a smart and improved technology like Safelumin Emergency LED Light bulb can be your best solution during a power outage.

While these dangers are there, you can cope with them without much of a hassle.

Coping With The Power Outage

Having the proper lighting system during the power outage can be of immense benefit. Here are some ways to cope with power failure.

  • Get The Smart Lighting System

One of the easiest ways to cope with a power outage is to have the lights on. When you convert to Safelumin rechargeable LED Light bulbs, they also function as an emergency backup light. So when there is electricity failure, all you have to do is flip your existing light switch and have Safelumin’s backup light for up to three hours on-demand. A bonus feature is you can use Safelunin backup light as a handheld flashlight if needed. Furthermore, this LED bulb has an auto charge function when the electricity is back and automatically stops when the battery is full.

For installing your Safelumin Emergency LED, you do not need any tool or app. You can install them easily by screwing your LED bulb into the light socket. It also has the patented airgap that warrants sustainability of the blubs by reducing the overheating of the battery. It also comes with a patented power outage sensor that consumes negligible energy. Hence when the battery is fully charged, it will last for six months. It also maintains backup light brightness during electricity failure unlike flashlights which get dimmer and dimmer.

  • Keep The Burglars Away

Keeping your house illuminated during a power outage, even when your security system stops working, can be quite beneficial in keeping the burglars at bay. According to a report by the FBI (Source: 2019 Crime Clock Statistics, FBI ), every 4.6 seconds, a property crime occurs with about three burglaries every minute. Preventing this with the home security system is the key, but during the power outages with the house becoming totally dark, you are making your property vulnerable. The report further states that burglary and home invasion often arise when there is a power outage.

Hence, having a light system that provides automatic backup when there is electricity failure can be the best way to cope with a power outage.

  • Managing the Heat & Cold

Now that you have light, you can work on other issues that lead to much distress during the power failure. For example, during the summertime, keep the windows open and the curtains drawn to reduce room temperature during the night when the cooling system is out. In the winter, add more clothing layers and blankets to stay warm. Be sure to open your water taps for a couple of minutes, so the pipes don’t freeze.

  • Keep Your Food Safe

Avoid opening the fridge and freezer as much as possible. This will ensure your food is safe at least for the next 24 hours, even when there is a power outage.

Final Words

Staying safe and sound during a power outage is crucial. Functioning during such a situation can be challenging, but you can cope with it when you have the proper backup. One of them is to have the light backup during the power outage, and it can be easily done with Safelumin Emergency LED bulb.

Light Systems For Security

Light Systems For Security

Beneficial features that the LED bulbs offer makes them an efficient light system for security purposes. With the continuous decline in the pricing of the LED fixtures and luminaires, and smart lighting options available, there is a great impetus for the market growth.

The current LED global market size is valued at USD 50.91 billion, and between 2021 and 2028, it is estimated to have a compound annual growth rate of 12.5%. As a result, many bulb production companies are manufacturing LED lights, and among them, Safelumin LED Light is a game-changer in the market.

Why Use LED Lights For Security Lighting?

The Illumination Engineering Society (IES) states that good security lighting helps keep your property safe by anticipating potential predators and threats. Hence, the process discourages criminals from breaking in, and the security lighting approach is termed target hardening. This means that a criminal is less likely to enter your property when they have to plan and execute the break-in for a longer time.

The purpose of the security lighting is to

  • Offer a clear view of the property, including the fences, barriers, walls, and the people entering and leaving the property.
  • Facial recognition
  • Allows you to find your keys, walk the dog, and retrieve the mail easily and safely
  • Notify you when there is a perceived threat
  • Enhance the overall safety when you are away from the property

In such a scenario, you would require a lighting system that is efficient, cost-effective and is equipped with the latest technology. Normal LED lights are efficient and beneficial for security systems. Some of the benefits they offer are

  • It warms up immediately; hence there is immediate brightness
  • Offers 25,000 hours of light
  • Mostly maintenance-free
  • It consumes less energy but has the same lumens as halogen, thus saves at least 85% of energy
  • It seems costly upfront, but in the long run, it is efficient with a longer lifespan

Apart from these benefits, small battery-operated LED lights are especially beneficial in the security lighting because of the following features it offers

Safety: Almost no emission of forwarding heat is an often overlooked feature. This is especially beneficial when considering its energy efficiency compared to incandescent light, where 90 percent of the energy becomes heat. It also translates to the fact that LEDs can work efficiently on a low voltage system, thus making it much safer when there is a low electricity supply.

Size: LEDs are extremely small, but that does not compromise their lighting ability. The smallness of the device makes it incredibly adaptable to be used in various fixtures and can be used in a whole range of places in a circuit board to light a traffic signal, a house, or a stadium.

Flexibility: The small nature of the LEDs also enable them to be combined into bunches for  any shape and lighting, from a bulb to a single small device or a string of sequences depending on the area you want to light up.

Directional emission: LEDs emit 180 degrees light instead of 360 degrees. This reduces the cost of the lighting and helps keep the focus in a single area, hence seeing the object under the light better. The feature thus makes LED a more energy-efficient lighting solution.

Better CRI: LEDs have an improved Color Rendering Index (CRI), which allows you to get the object’s actual color under the light. High CRI is one of the most desirable characteristics when it comes to security lighting for better identification.

These features make LED lighting a great choice when it comes to security lighting. When you add improved and patented technology to already existing LED lighting features, you get the best security lighting system.

Why Is Safelumin LED Light Better Than Regular LED Lights For Safety During an Outage?

The company is launching new products that are changing the way we use lighting in everyday life. For example, the new Safelumin rechargeable light bulbs now works in flashlight mode. It also works between AC 100V to 240V on global voltage. In addition, the company’s new technology enables the LED bulbs to have a brighter AC light of 800 lumens. Plus the DC backup light is 20% brighter than previous generations.

Apart from this, the new Safelumin LED Light comes with a patented air gap. This feature reduces the risk of overheating the battery and LED, thus boosting the sustainability and performance of the bulb. The Safelumin also works with up to 12 different LED and CFL bulbs on the same switch, giving the user many options and turns into a storm-safe device. However, it doesn’t work with dimmers, fans, incandescent or halogen bulbs on the same switch.

The new light that works as a flashlight bulb has a battery inside, but that doesn’t make it bulkier or bigger. It is still the same regular size A19 LED bulb that is lightweight. The biggest added advantage of this LED bulb is its power outage sensor. The outage sensor only consumes little energy that will last up to 6 months with one full charge. The factory suggests recharging the battery every 3 months to top up the battery.

It is also a bulb that has 120lm emergency lights for home power failure backup led lights, which can last up to 3 hours. Furthermore, despite the battery draining over time, the light doesn’t get dimmer, and it maintains 120lm throughout its entire usage. Also, the technology used by Safelumin allows the bulb to detect the difference between “switch off” and a power outage. So, when there is a power outage, it will respond and light up in a second. It also offers uninterrupted light to your house and property for three hours when fully charged.  The Safelumin technology has been patented, and its safe nature is certified by Underwire Laboratory.

With Safelumin, you will have a 24/7 lighting system that ensures you are always covered even when there is a power outage.

Final Words

With so many benefits of using LED bulbs and the government encouraging green technology usage, it is time you think of changing your home or office lighting system to Safelumin technology. If you plan to make your home or office smarter and more efficient with the latest LED bulb technology, you should consider using the Safelumin LED bulb and buy Safelumin Rechargeable Light Bulb. Never leave your house or property in the dark. Use the easy-to-install smart LED bulb every day because it will also work during a power outage.