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Use the light every day that will still switch “ON” when the power goes out: That’s Safelumin!

Easy to Use

Here is how it works. Just put Safelumin in any light fixture. Use every day, the battery auto charges when light is on. When power goes out, safelumin backup lighting works up to 3hrs on demand with a flip of your light switch.

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    Safelumin SA19-800G27 1PK E27 Rechargeable Light Bulb (Soft White)

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    Safelumin SA19-800G50 1PK E27 Rechargeable Light Bulb (Daylight)

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    Safelumin SA19-800G27 2PK E27 Rechargeable Light Bulb (SoftWhite)

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    Safelumin SA19-800G50 2PK E27 Rechargeable Light Bulb (Daylight)

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    Safelumin SA19-800G27 4PK E27 Rechargeable Light Bulb (SoftWhite)

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    Safelumin SA19-800G50 4PK E27 Rechargeable Light Bulb (Daylight)


Replacement Battery

Your new Safelumin bulb ships with new battery installed, so you will not need to purchase a new battery for at least 3-5 year depends on usage.

Tip: Please test the battery with our battery test button every year to confirm the battery condition. 

(Read FAQs for replace battery instruction.)

  • Safelumin BPIR18350 1PK Replacement Battery

  • Safelumin BPIR18350 3PK Replacement Battery

Rechargeable LED Bulbs Customer Reviews

My piece of mind

After couple of power failures I started to look for a better and less expensive alternative of candles and generator. I was luck enough to find safelumin LED emergency light bulb. it woks just like a quality light bulb but I now I have piece of mind that in case of power cut my bulb will still work and I will have light at home.

Ra F

This is a great way to make sure we have some light if ...

This is a great way to make sure we have some light if the power goes out. much better and safer than candles. I swapped out one of the bulbs for this one, charged it up and tested it and it worked perfectly. I’m going to buy a few more for my house, just in case.



After a 12-hr. power loss, decided to give these a try and I am so glad I did. Last night the power went out and immediately the lights came back on! They performed as described/advertised….will never be without them again!

R. Hunt

Lights out? Lighten up!

This is a truly revolutionary product! It functions as a “normal” lamp light AND an emergency light in cases of power failures due ice storms, lightening strikes, broken power lines, etc. No need to hunt for the flashlight when the power goes out and, unlike the flashlight, it brightly illuminates an entire room for hours. The light can be can be conveniently re-located to different lamps in the house– or I intend to buy additional lights for several locations. I tested my Safelumin in a lamp by tripping the breaker– voila!– it works great!


Great family security

This product is simply amazing. It’s just like a regular light bulb – you plug it in and turn it on – light! Turn it off – no light! Turn it on – Light! Power goes out – LIGHT! Pressing the black button causes the bulb to flash indicating battery charge amount. I tested this light by turning off the breaker – worked as advertised. I have been using for several months now. Keep the light on all the time – since it’s LED it uses little power. It is a brilliant design and should be installed in every home, especially if you have kids and want to ensure there is light if the power goes out.

Martin R Cregg

It really works

my power went out and I had placed the light at the top of my stairs, and it worked. great, for me and my arthritic dogs. ordering more.

linda E

Not convinced?

If you’re looking for more info on Safelumin LED lights, don’t hesitate to contact us!