About us


is a Tradename owned by LEDSENS LLC.

We have developed the SafeLumin lightbulb. It turns on from your light switch without electricity. It is also an affordable everyday light for your favorite lamp. It solves the problem of fumbling in the dark for candles or flashlights. It has UL and FCC certificates to ensure your home safety.

It all started in 2012 when we were working on the Duracell LED lighting and Lowe’s emergency Exit light projects. Our team began to think about why commercial buildings have emergency lights mandated for public safety, but there is no emergency light for homes. Thus, “LED safety light” idea for homes was born. SafeLumin was incorporated in mid-2015 as a spin-off company from the previous corporation.

Enjoy our Patented Uninterrupted Light System in your home.



SAFELUMIN will provide instant and safe backup lighting

during a power outage

for everyone worldwide at an affordable price using cutting edge technology.