About Us

No Power No Longer Means No Lights When Using Safelumin Bulbs.

Combining Lighting & Battery backup Since 2012

Sudden darkness makes people feel confused and worried, scared and even helpless. They can’t find candles, matches and a flashlight that might work. Most households can’t afford an expensive backup generator.

We know protecting the family is your biggest concern.

Struggle no more, we can help!

Our Story

Ledsens created the Safelumin light after working on commercial projects involving emergency lights for home power failure.

Focused on bringing into the home the same emergency lighting options as seen in commercial buildings during power outages or natural disasters morphed into the Safelumin rechargeable light bulb.

In 2015 Safelumin was incorporated as a separate company solely focused on consumer emergency lighting solutions.

Our Mission

SAFELUMIN will provide instant and safe backup lighting during a power outage for everyone worldwide at an affordable price using cutting edge technology.