Power Failure Lights for Homes

Everyday-use Emergency light with Battery Backup for Power Outage

Safelumin is the highest quality, most convenient, and most reliable power outage LED light bulb on the market. With its patented Uninterrupted Light System (ULS) technology and elegant design, SafeLumin makes blackouts a thing of the past.

Safelumin can transform any light fixture or lamp into a storm safe device. Installation is as simple as changing a lightbulb – with no need for additional wires, screws, or remote controls.

The SafeLumin rechargeable light bulbs operates as an everyday small battery-operated LED light bulb. The backup battery will simultaneously charge when the light is on. Once the Safelumin’s battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging so as to not damage the battery.

Safelumin provides light when you need it the most. Should the unexpected happen and your home lose power, Safelumin’s patented technology will automatically respond within one second to provide your home and family with light for up to three hours, all while maintaining the complete, uninterrupted functionality of a normal LED lightbulb.

Once the power is restored, SafeLumin will revert to operating as a standard LED bulb and automatically recharge the battery.

Don’t leave your loved ones in the dark. Let Safelumin’s Uninterrupted Light System technology keep you and your family safe during your next power outage.

Product Features:

Easy to install. SafeLumin fits into any standard light bulb fitting.
Adaptability. Safelumin’s 2-in-1 feature allows the bulb to be used both as an everyday energy saving LED bulb and as a power outage, backup light source.
Compatibility. Safelumin works with up to 12 other LED or CFL light bulbs on the same light switch.
Patented power outage sensing technology. Not only is SafeLumin constantly monitoring whether your home has power, it is able to detect whether the light switch is turned on or off during a power outage, allowing you to conserve the battery.
Patented thermal design technology. Through years of engineering, Safelumin has created a unique design that reduces the risk of LED and battery overheating to ensure sustainable product performance.
Smart self-charging technology. SafeLumin automatically recharges its battery when turned on. Once the battery is fully charged, SafeLumin will automatically stop charging so as to not damage the battery.
Battery test function. Each SafeLumin bulb is fitted with a test button that allows the user to check its charging levels.
Replaceable battery. Simply by removing a single screw, the SafeLumin battery can be changed within minutes.



● Provides light, safety, and reassurance during a power outage
● Turns on and off even when the power is lost
● Rechargeable battery
● Replaceable battery
● Energy efficient
● Low heat
● Shatter resistant
● Sleek and elegant design
● Durable
● Long life 25,000hrs
● No mercury
● Color consistency
● No UV – safe for artwork
● Easy to install


•Daily use lights:800 lumens (60W Replacement)
•Backup light: 120 lumens
•Energy used: 6.5 watts Normal Use (7.5 watts Charging)
•Rating: AC100-240V 50-60Hz

•Lamp Base: E26 for USA & E27 for European

•Bulb Life: 25,000 hours
•Compact small size: 60 x 117mm (2.4″dia x 4.6″L)
•Weight: 95g (3.4 oz)
•USA & China Patents
•Certification: UL / CE+CB / FCC / RoHS