Turns ON & OFF even when power is lost!

Power outages make people feel insecure and frightened, especially at night. During sudden blackouts most people can’t function in the dark. Consequently they need instant emergency light during a power outage. Safelumin provides that.

Our LED emergency light feature is perfect for temporary illumination. It charges up during normal daily use. It is always ready for unexpected blackout. If the switch is on, Safelumin will kick in automatically after the power outage.

Safelumin has a battery backup. It will last up to 3 hours. It gives you enough time to make emergency arrangements. This is more than just a normal light bulb!

Keeping Your Space Safely Illuminated


Power sensing technology for illumination


Imagine an elderly person you know caught on the stairs in a power outage!

Being in the dark – can be scary and dangerous. According to Department of Energy the number of power outages are rising across the entire country. Why? An aging infrastructure, growing population and extreme weather are straining the power grid.

We have the solution! Safelumin LED emergency light bulb will keep you out of the dark. Safelumin’s patented power sensing technology is smart. It knows the difference between purposely turning off the light switch or suffering a power failure. Imagine a light turning on from your existing light switch without electricity!


The Light

Use every day

Safelumin is designed to be a quality daily use light. It produces 470lm equivalent to 40W bulbs. Safelumin’s unique design works like a normal light bulb. It fits in any light socket except enclosed light fixtures.

The Technology

Monitoring Power Outage

Not only is SafeLumin constantly monitoring whether your home has power. It is able to detect whether the light switch is turned on or off during a blackout, therefore allowing you to conserve the battery.

Easy to install

No tools are required

SafeLumin installation process is as simple as screwing in a lightbulb.


CFL and LED bulbs

SafeLumin is compatible with your home’s standard lamp or lighting fixture. It can work with up to 12 different LED or CFL light bulbs on the same light switch.

The Air Gap

Patented Thermal Design

Through years of engineering, Safelumin has created a unique design that reduces the risk of LED and battery overheating to ensure sustainable product performance.

The Battery

Smart self-charging technology

Safelumin is designed with a replaceable lithium battery. It automatically recharges its battery when turned on. Once the battery is fully charged, Safelumin will automatically stop charging so as to not damage the battery.

Laboratory Tested

UL and FCC Certified

SafeLumin meets the highest safety standard verified by Underwriters Laboratories. SafeLumin also meets FCC regulation to ensure it does not interfere with your home appliances or remote controls.

The Patent

Utility and Design Patent

SafeLumin has received both Utility and Design patents from the USPTO. You can turn on Safelumin from your light switch without electricity!



Living room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, basement, garage, stairway, powder room…etc


Stores, restaurants, hotel rooms, day care centers, senior care centers, schools, showrooms, offices…etc


We help people “keep the lights on” even when the power goes out.