Did you know that light can have a big impact on your mood? You’re definitely feeling the phenomenon yourself. Consider how much happier you are on sunny days than on gloomy, overcast days. All of those beautiful, light rays are working wonders for your disposition.

Whether you feel sleepy or irritable during the workday, or if you suffer from headachesthe reason might just be your lighting. Most of us don’t care so much about lighting as long as we have enough to see what we are doing quickly. Yet poor lighting in the workplace, which is not the same as dim lighting, can cause headache, pain in the neck and even double vision.

Rechargeable LED Bulbs are uniquely suited to uses in the burgeoning field of human-centric design because of the high level of control that these systems offer to operators.

With quick on – off switching and many different lighting wavelengths, light color temperatures, rechargeable LED Bulb systems can be configured in many ways. It can be combined and managed with pinpoint accuracy to create an almost infinite range of lighting atmospheres. 

The Rechargeable LED Bulb control systems provide maximum flexibility as needed with easy and efficient set up or reconfiguration. One specific example of the benefits of LED lighting in this field is its use to generate wavelengths of lighting that can increase awareness and productivity.

Scientists who study biofeedback have long been aware of human eyes being particularly susceptible to blue light. This awareness has led to suggestions that people with difficulty falling asleep should avoid light sources that could be heavy in blue light, like smartphones and tablets on computers.

Light sources high in blue light can suppress an individual’s production of melatonin, a hormone that makes sleep easier. And LED lighting can be configured to raise the blue light wavelengths to help individuals wake up from a period of sleep.

Conversely, as individuals seek to get to sleep, sources of LEDs with relatively lower wavelengths of blue light can help create a more relaxing environment conducive to natural circadian rhythms.

Rechargeable LED Bulb are also used by healthcare experts to treat depression and other psychological disorders. Besides suppressing the sleep-inducing melatonin hormone, some light wavelengths can increase serotonin levels in a person.

LED lighting engineers are at the cutting edge of developing lighting systems that directly improve the mood and health of a person, moving beyond the more traditional role of lighting, which sought only to set the mood of an entire room. Even today, a simple retrofit of your existing lighting network with high-performance specification grade LED luminaires will change your performance environment.