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LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’ which is the latest technology in energy efficient lighting. It consumes approximately 80% less energy than traditional lighting – meaning you save on your energy bills. LED lights also have longer lifespan compared to incandescent lamps. LEDs are a simple invention with huge potential to change the lighting industry for the better. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of setting the mood in your restaurant and it plays a crucial role in attracting and keeping customers. Battery operated LED lights provide a list of benefits for those who own hotels & restaurants of any variety, from small cafes to five-star eateries. They are superior to conventional lighting, reduce monthly energy utility bills, and last up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. You can easily and inexpensively use Safelumin battery operated LED lights for bars and restaurants, particularly in dining rooms and lounges, The right lighting can significantly benefit the dining experience. A restaurateur needs to keep in mind that the proper lighting can have a significant impact on the success of their restaurant. 

LED lights can also be used in small businesses that can shine a light on energy and cost savings. Investing in retrofitting your business with LED lighting options can help you run more efficiently.

Benefits for small businesses and other application areas switching to battery operated LED lights:

  • Lower power costs
  • Less maintenance
  • Contributing to environment
  • Less eye strain
  • Does not give off UV radiation

At Safelumin, we aim make our battery operated LED lights useful to every space in your living room, kitchen, stores, restaurants, senior care centers, small business offices, etc. Safelumin battery operated lights keep the light on even when the power goes out. Now brightness is everywhere!

It’s time to embrace your space and choose a perfect lighting that will inspire your inner interior decorator without cramping your style.


  Benefits of Safelumin’s battery operated Lights

Sleek And Elegant Design

 Provides Light, Safety, And Reassurance During A Power Outage

Turns On And Off Even When The Power Is Lost

Rechargeable Battery,
Replaceable Battery


No TV? No WiFi? No lights? Most would agree that everyone can use a break from the first two. But lighting is important to your family’s safety and comfort. Most of us want the atmosphere to be relaxed, calm, and peaceful. Battery operated lights provide the necessary lighting for families to plan for the prospect of living without the comforts we have grown to expect. LEDs helps you create a healthier environment supporting your circadian rhythm, and help you sleep better and feel more energized and refreshed, all by using the right light at the right time!



Choosing the perfect light for seniors requires special consideration and care. Suitable lighting in the right places reduces senior falls. One of the top ways to prevent falls for seniors and elderly is to make sure that their living space is always well-lit. Poor and ineffective lighting can impair their vision. Being able to see clearly helps seniors maintains balance and avoid obstacles.

Convenient for compact homes

Lighting design is a relatively simple concept. Tiny homes create a few design challenges, but the lighting principles remain the same. The new generation of battery operated lights can be an excellent addition to your tiny house to increase efficiency, comfort, and functionality. According to a US Census estimate, nearly 20 million Americans live in tiny, mobile homes. So convenient and portable lighting is must for them. Safelumin LED bulbs are easy to install and can be installed anywhere so they make a perfect match for tiny homes, RVs and mobile homes.

Helpful in Clinics and doctor offices

From senior living centers to clinics and doctor offices, Safelumin have lighting solutions to fit your needs. Rising costs, new technologies, and patients with increasing demands, doctors offices, and clinics must face these challenges. The right lighting is beneficial to patient healing and healthcare personnel alertness. so instead of put a whole house power generator system in a building, Safelumin is an easy and budget-friendly way to keep your customers and visitors safe in case of a power outage.

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Looking for good battery operated lights for your business? Then stop searching right now! Safelumin battery operated lights are energy-efficient and brighter which makes them perfect for your application areas!