How do you feel when the power suddenly goes off?  It can cause havoc not only to a single family but the entire community and even the economy when there is an extended power outage. Apart from that, there are also other dangers that power outages can cause. Mainly with us now living in a wired electrical world, where almost everything needs a steady electricity supply to stay in operation, a sudden power outage can be quite disastrous.

Several factors can cause a loss of power. For example, freezing temperature, heat waves, natural disasters, electrical grid problems, a fallen tree, and sudden demand for high power, to name a few. All these situations can lead to your home having no electricity for hours or more.

This article will look into the dangers of a power outage and how to cope with it.

Dangers Of Power Outage

Any homeowner should be aware of the dangers of a power outage and prepare for it. If you haven’t thought about it before, it’s time you consider the issues and risks you can face during a power outage.

#1 HVAC Issues

All your air conditioning, and the heating system will stop working during the power outage. As a result, during the summer the temperature in your house will increase rapidly. It can cause dehydration and even heat stroke in children, pets, and older people. Similarly, a power outage during winter will plummet the room temperature causing immense discomfort. It can also lead to water pipes freezing and later explode.

#2 Using Alternate Heating Source

Stay away from alternate heating sources during winter. If you want to use a wood-burning stove to stay warm or a gas-powered generator so you can keep the essentials running on electricity, know the dangers of these. These alternatives generate carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. So, educate yourself on how to use these safely.

#3 Medical Equipment Nightmare

When there is a power outage, medical equipment that runs on electricity will stop functioning. This can easily put the individual who depends on the equipment at risk. So, you must have some power-back-up supply for such equipment or enroll the member in a medical alert program so they can get the necessary help.

#4 Security System Is Out

Most home security system nowadays along with electricity also require internet access. When there is a power outage, internet connectivity ceases. You might have a system that runs on battery, but when the outage is extended, then the chances are the alarm system will stop functioning after a time. If you need your security system to work even when there is electricity failure, ask the security company to monitor the system either through cellular service or landline.

#5 Light Is Out

Last but not least, one of the significant dangers and the primary indicator of electricity failure is when the lights in the whole house go dark. Keeping flashlights in strategic areas of the house and extra batteries along with backup emergency lamps can be beneficial. Better yet, changing your lighting system to a smart and improved technology like Safelumin Emergency LED Light bulb can be your best solution during a power outage.

While these dangers are there, you can cope with them without much of a hassle.

Coping With The Power Outage

Having the proper lighting system during the power outage can be of immense benefit. Here are some ways to cope with power failure.

  • Get The Smart Lighting System

One of the easiest ways to cope with a power outage is to have the lights on. When you convert to Safelumin rechargeable LED Light bulbs, they also function as an emergency backup light. So when there is electricity failure, all you have to do is flip your existing light switch and have Safelumin’s backup light for up to three hours on-demand. A bonus feature is you can use Safelunin backup light as a handheld flashlight if needed. Furthermore, this LED bulb has an auto charge function when the electricity is back and automatically stops when the battery is full.

For installing your Safelumin Emergency LED, you do not need any tool or app. You can install them easily by screwing your LED bulb into the light socket. It also has the patented airgap that warrants sustainability of the blubs by reducing the overheating of the battery. It also comes with a patented power outage sensor that consumes negligible energy. Hence when the battery is fully charged, it will last for six months. It also maintains backup light brightness during electricity failure unlike flashlights which get dimmer and dimmer.

  • Keep The Burglars Away

Keeping your house illuminated during a power outage, even when your security system stops working, can be quite beneficial in keeping the burglars at bay. According to a report by the FBI (Source: 2019 Crime Clock Statistics, FBI ), every 4.6 seconds, a property crime occurs with about three burglaries every minute. Preventing this with the home security system is the key, but during the power outages with the house becoming totally dark, you are making your property vulnerable. The report further states that burglary and home invasion often arise when there is a power outage.

Hence, having a light system that provides automatic backup when there is electricity failure can be the best way to cope with a power outage.

  • Managing the Heat & Cold

Now that you have light, you can work on other issues that lead to much distress during the power failure. For example, during the summertime, keep the windows open and the curtains drawn to reduce room temperature during the night when the cooling system is out. In the winter, add more clothing layers and blankets to stay warm. Be sure to open your water taps for a couple of minutes, so the pipes don’t freeze.

  • Keep Your Food Safe

Avoid opening the fridge and freezer as much as possible. This will ensure your food is safe at least for the next 24 hours, even when there is a power outage.

Final Words

Staying safe and sound during a power outage is crucial. Functioning during such a situation can be challenging, but you can cope with it when you have the proper backup. One of them is to have light backup during the power outage, and it can be easily done with Safelumin Emergency LED bulb.