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LED Bulbs are one of today’s most energy-saving and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED Rechargeable Light Bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.

LED Light Bulbs – The Ideal Lighting Solution

While choosing lighting options for your home or business, you may come across various lighting products. One of the best lighting products that you should surely opt for is LED bulbs. Many commercial businesses suffer during a power cut. The power outage may lead to lost profits, increased responsibility as it relates to employee and customer sanctuary. A wide range of companies all are crippled when the power fails and the lights go out.  LED light bulbs help provide safety to both employees and customers in an inexpensive way. These bulbs have lots of benefits, which make them a boon for any contemporary home. These bulbs play a vital role in saving electricity and are approximately 80 percent more efficient than traditional lighting options such as incandescent and fluorescent lights. Another advantage of LED light bulbs for home is their durability. These bulbs have a life span six times longer than other lighting options and are replaced less frequently compared to the different lighting alternatives. This feature makes LED light bulbs for home & business a value-added lighting option. Moreover, these bulbs have a distinct advantage of providing instant brightness as compared to other lighting options. Explore the 3 Advantages of LED Light Bulbs When Compared to Traditional Lighting Solutions

And at Safelumin, we’re bringing it to every space in your Living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, Stores, restaurants, senior care centers, schools, showrooms, offices, etc. Now safety is everywhere. LED rechargeable light bulbs deliver quality light across a broad spectrum of color temperatures from warm white light to the cool white look of daylight, to suit any indoor or outdoor application.



Energy Efficient
LED Light Bulbs

LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than other lighting such as CFL lights. 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light. LEDs significantly reduce energy consumption and  heat emission thus help save money by lowering electricity usages.  

LED Color

When it is cold outside, it takes more energy to heat up. It’s basic science & that is what happens when you use CFL light bulbs in cold space. With LED bulbs, they get better as it gets colder. LED lights are 5% more efficient at -5c than at 25c degrees.

Light Bulb

Because of the  durability of LED lights, they are an ideal choice for rougher situations. These bulbs are resistant to vibrations, shock, and impact from external objects. and also have reliability in both high and low-temperature conditions.

LED Light
Bulb Lifetime

The lifetime of a LED light bulbs source can be up to 20 times longer than traditional light sources. A conventional bulb has a lifetime of about 2,000 hours, while LED lighting has a lifetime up to 25,000 hours. That is the equivalent of 22.8 years base on 3hrs per day usage!

Choose Cool White Light or Warm Glow LED Light bulbs 


The color temperature is measured in kelvins (k)unit, with a LED of between 2700-3500K being classed as “Warm” and an LED of between 4000-5000K described as “Cool”. Those in between have the color temperature of soft white or natural light. A low color temperature creates a warm, cozy light effect, while a high color temperature produces a cool, more energizing effect. The Safelumin LED rechargeable light bulbs are available in four different light colors ranging from Warm White to Cool White.

Warm White works much better where you are looking for softer light. It’s particularly well suited to lounges, living rooms and traditional kitchens, like country styles, where the white light contrasts too much with the rest of the room. Soft White LED bulbs are used in a kitchen, display art, retail store, etc. Neutral White is found right in the middle of the space between Warm and Cool White LED light. On the Kelvin scale, that places it around 4000K. Neutral White LEDs are typically used in signage, office buildings and home installations. Cool White LEDs tend to give you a cleaner look, perfect for hospitals or clinic, the candid look and places where the best light really counts. For instance, sewing rooms and garages, etc. It’s a personal choice and Safelumin gives you many options!

Product Features

   Easy to Install 

Every-day use SafeLumin LED bulbs fits into any existing lamps and fixtures.


Safelumin works with up to 12 other LED or CFL light bulbs on the same light switch.

     Battery Test Function

Each SafeLumin bulb is fitted with a test button that allows the user to check its charging levels.

Replaceable Battery

Simply by removing a single screw, the SafeLumin battery can be changed within minutes.

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