Nobody likes to stay in the dark. With a rechargeable LED light bulb, you do not have to fret over finding matches, candles, or flashlights when the lights go out. With brands like SafeLumin, you have access to the best rechargeable emergency light bulbs.

Safelumin light was created after working on commercial projects involving emergency lighting.

Focused on bringing into the home the same emergency lighting options as seen in commercial buildings during power outages or natural disasters morphed into the Safelumin light bulb.

In 2015 Safelumin was incorporated as a separate company solely focused on consumer emergency lighting solutions. SafeLumin has always been one step ahead of their competitors. If you are looking for an emergency LED light bulb that will assist you in the form of providing power outage lights, SafeLumin is the right one! 

SafeLumin is popular for taking pride in the quality of their products and we can assure you this pride is not unjustified. They have consistently striven to maintain the LED light bulb standards that they have set in the industry. By raising the bar, they have the highest quality LED battery powered light bulbs, which are the most convenient products available in the market. The ease of use comes alongside the simple installation feature that does not require any wiring, screws, or remote controls. Simply screw into your existing bulb socket. Their products happen to be a consumer favorite for a variety of different reasons, including the following: 

  1. Easy to Install
  2. Adaptable to existing lamps
  3. Compatible with normal LED or CFL bulbs
  4. Patented air-gap to keep the battery cool
  5. Patented power outage sensing technology
  6. Smart self-charging technology
  7. Battery test function
  8. Flashlight options
  9. Holds charge for more than 6 months

Benefits of using Safelumin LED lights in comparison to other brands 

While there are many competitors available in the market, including GE, JackonLux, Boundary, Feit, Sengled, and several others, SafeLumin happens to have a clear advantage over all these brands due to the following reasons: 

  • Superior battery test button to identify battery conditions. This button feature is one of the things that sets the brand apart as none of its competitors have products that offer this feature. 
  • The product’s compatibility allows it to work with up to 12 other CFL or LED light bulbs on the same switch without false sensing. That is another feature that all other brands have failed to provide. 
  • The Standard A19 size provided by SafeLumin fits any standard lamp, thus making it highly adaptable. Competing brand are larger, bulkier, and often do not fit standard lamp.
  • No other brand has a patented air-gap in its LED light bulb to protect its battery from thermal damage. Competing brands often “cook” their battery in 6-8 months.
  • The automated charging system that allows the device to stop charging once the battery reaches 100% is another feature that many competing brands do not have.
  • When it comes to power outages, you can never be 100% sure of the duration. With the best rechargeable LED light bulb, you can have a backup source of light that holds its charging for up to 6 months. One of the competing brands drain their battery in 5 days. Other brands will drain in a few months. 
  • During the power outage, the backup light brightness of most rechargeable LED bulbs in the market starts to diminish after 1.5 hours. This is not the case with SafeLumin which maintains the same brightness for the entire 3 hours duration.
  • Safelumin also has multi-voltage AC 100-240V feature for global use. 
  • SafeLumin has enabled a flashlight mode in its emergency LED light bulbs. 
  • One area where SafeLumin dominates over its competitors is its patented sensing technology. SafeLumin is the only brand that works reliably.

Keeping in mind all these plus points, we can establish that SafeLumin is the superior brand and has an undeniable and well-earned advantage over all of its competitors in the market. 

Why does SafeLumin have the superior product?

If you are still not convinced that Safelumin is the ideal brand in the market for your choice of rechargeable light bulbs, there are a series of other benefits that their products tend to offer that are hard to find among other products in the market. 

The products turn on and off with your existing light switch while the power is out. It has a rechargeable battery; thus, you do not have to get worked up over a worn-out battery. The ability to test battery condition is essential to make sure battery is good when you need it. Safelumin recommends an annual test by simply pressing the test button: 1 blink 1hour, 2 blinks 2 hours and 3 blinks 3hours. Not only is Safelumin energy efficient, but the product also requires low heat and is resistant to getting shattered.

Safelumin’s sleek and elegant design makes it even more tempting for homeowners looking for a cost and energy-efficient yet a modern-looking solution to their power outage problems. Their LED light bulbs are highly durable and can last up to 25,000 hours. They are easy to install and have no mercury content in the bulbs. The “no UV” feature makes them ideal and safe for artwork, and the emergency LED light bulbs tend to have a stable color consistency. 


Getting a rechargeable LED light bulb is a safe bet and is an investment that can never go wrong if you purchase the right brand. Before making your purchase, make sure the product you are buying is not overly complicated and has compatible and adaptable features. With SafeLumin, you get all this and so much more at reasonable costs and the promise of a future that is not filled with darkness!

Purchase your LED small battery-operated light bulb backup today as you never know when you might face a power outage and regret your decision of not buying an emergency battery bulb. Don’t leave your family in the dark! We can guarantee that you will not regret this decision since you can even use the LED light bulb under normal circumstances Purchase now Safelumin Rechargeable Light Bulb (Soft White) at affordable price.