It’s Finally Here! The Smart Bulb You All Need!

The New Safelumin Is Here, And It’s Better Than Ever!

The Best Uninterrupted Light Systems (ULS)
LED light bulbs

Go Beyond Just A Bulb | Your Families Deserve A Better Way To See During A Power Outage

Provide safer backup light in an outage!


Keep the lights on even when the power goes out. No more struggling in the dark finding candles and flashlight.

Works like a normal light bulb, not just for power outages. Enjoy peace of mind. Our high-quality daily use led light bulb is perfect for home and business.

Save energy save money. Safelumin only uses 6.5W (not-charging) to 7.5W (charging) electricity equivalent to 60W led light bulbs. Estimated yearly energy cost $0.92 per bulb.

24/7 Power Outage Monitoring Makes It A Worthy Purchase

… And More Such Reasons …

KEEP THE LIGHTS ON EVEN WHEN THE POWER GOES OUT: Emergency light bulbs for power outage. No more struggling in the dark finding candles or flashlight. With the convenience of flipping your existing light switch, you will have up to 3hrs backup light on demand.

WORKS LIKE NORMAL LIGHT BULB: Not just for power outages! Our high-quality daily use light is perfect for home and business. Use in rooms, staircase, hallway, bathroom, basement, nursing home, clinic, restaurant, hotel, store, hospital etc. Use Safelumin all day, every day as much as you want. It auto charges when lights on, stops charging when the battery is full.

KEEPS BATTERY COOL FOR LONGEVITY: Our patented air-gap design keeps battery away from the hot LEDs, greatly increasing the battery life to 3-5 years, unlike the others who “cook” the battery and only last 6-8 months, not years. The only power failure light on the market with battery test button to help montly or annual inspection for hotel and public buildings safety requirements.

EASY TO USE: Plug and play! Thanks to advanced patented power sensing technology built into the power outage light. Turns light ON and OFF reliably even with up to 12 LED or CFL bulbs on the same switch. Safe and certified by recognized labs. Our quality paired with unbeatable customer service based in USA makes us the ONLY choice for premium emergency light bulb / daily use light!

ONE OF A KIND LIGHTING GIFT FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: #1 Daily use / LED emergency lights for home. Premium quality, great value, easy to use product for the unpredictable power outage event to help the people you love. Sure to be appreciated by the elderly and all families with small children. Dual usage as an normal light makes it so practical.

The All New Safelumin 2.0 :
Works Better, Runs Everywhere, Shines Brighter

Works like a normal LED light bulb, not just for power outage.

safelumin light bulb patent


Safelumin patented power sensing technology knows the difference between a power outage and a switch being turned OFF. Safelumin Uninterrupted Light Systems (ULS) is an uniquely smart light bulb, safe and certified by recognized laboratory.


Safelumin created a unique air-gap design that reduces the risk of LED and battery overheating.

The idea is to separate the LED and battery into two separate compartments. Air is the best insulator everywhere to keep the battery COOL. This ensures sustainable battery operated light bulb performance.


No tools, app, or remote are required, just use your existing light switch. Super simple to use, just like changing a regular LED light bulb. Simply use it.

Safelumin backup light works up to 3 hours on demend with flip of your existing light switch when you lose power to your home.


After 3-5 years of normal use, you need a way to know if the battery is still good to power the backup light. 

Hold 3sec to test battery level Or press ON/OFF for flashlight. The only battery operated bulb on the market that lets you do both.

Watch How Your Home Can Be Illuminated During Blackouts With This Emergency LED Bulb In Any Room

Not only can you see in sudden darkness, it helps ease your anxiety at that moment.

Safelumin is a high-quality LED light bulb with battery backup that screws into your normal lamp or light fixture. From there, it charges when the light is on and stops charging when the battery is full.

If the power goes out and the light is ON it will only go out for 1 second, then its back on again. If the switch is OFF, this light will still work. Just flip the switch ON.

It can last up to three hours of straight uninterrupted use – so when the power unexpectedly goes out, you’re not fumbling around in the dark looking for a light source.

While the power is out, you can still use the switch on the light fixture to conserve the bulb’s battery. Both the ON and OFF will still work without any power.

That’s Not All… There’s More

If you thought that we’re done, then you’re in for a surprise because we have got more intelligent designs for you

chip-safelumin led light bulbs


Safelumin’s efficient power outage sensor system consumes very little energy allowing the battery to last about 6 months when fully charged. Safelumin suggests turning lights on at least 6 hours every 3 months to keep maximum charge.

bright LED light


Safelumin never gets dimmer when the battery starts to drain. Safelumin comes with 120lm backup light that lasts up to 3 hours – maintains 120lm from the start to the end of battery usage.

emergency light bulbs


Adding a battery inside the light bulb did not mean we had to make it bigger and bulkier. 
Safelumin emergency bulb is light weight and the same size as regular A19 LED light bulbs.
compatible led emergency light


Safelumin is the only bulb on the market that works with up to 12 LED & CFL bulbs on the same switch. Safelumin does not work with incandescents, halogens, smart plugs or fans.

Pick a Color That Suits Your Need

Safelumin offers 4 different light colors. The warmest color is 2700K and the coolest is 5000K. 

Light Color Map

emergency light for various purposes

The most popular color is 2700K soft white for home use while some prefer the whiter and brighter 5000K daylight. This is a personal preference and why we offer 4 different colors to choose from.


(Note: Emergency Backup Light portion always comes with 5000K Daylight color as you want to see better during balckouts. Daylight color is the brightest and whitest light you can get for this purpose.)


Safelumin Rechargeable Light Bulb

America’s most trusted rechargeable lights for home, our patented power sensing technology is packed full of the most important features any bulb has to offer – so that you can have peace of mind, feel safe and be in control in the event of power outages (without fumbling in the dark!)

Emergency Lights for Home Power Failure – Works as Normal LED Bulbs & 3Hrs Battery Backup, UL Listed, AC100-240V E26, 60W Equivalent 800lm

2700K Soft White

5000K Daylight

Here Is What People Who Purchase Safelumin Have To Say

We have over 6000+ happy customer.

Great for outages and everyday use
This product works great for everyday use. Very convenient during power outages. My kids were so much more content not having the television for hours during the outage because they had great lighting and could see to play, read, etc. This product arrived and worked as detailed by the seller.

Becky Levan

Great product
I own a bar in Portland, Oregon. I bought and installed these bulbs in the bathrooms and the hallway. Last night, the power went out to most of SE Portland for a couple of hours due to a natural gas line explosion. All 3 lights came on immediately after losing power and all of the staff and customers were able to leave safely and without panic. Great product.

P. Morton

Great Bulb! Works as expected
I have this bulb in a sconce in my bedroom at my cabin. as long as my generator is connected to complete the circuit. Even if it is off i can turn the light on. just what i was looking for.


We Give You Our Word

Everyone at Safelumin worked tirelessly to get you a product to be proud of. We want you to love and share your Safelumin bulb to everyone around. But if by any offchance you are not very happy and satisfied with the product, we promise to give you 100% refund on your purchase. Though we promise you that would not be the case, so shop on without any doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about Safelumin power outage LED lights.

Q. Can I use SafeLumin with a dimmer switch?

A. No, the SafeLumin power outage sensor will not work and the light may flicker or buzz.

Q. Can I use SafeLumin with fan or incandescent and halogen bulbs on the same switch?

A. No, fan or incandescent and halogen bulbs are not compatible with SafeLumin. They will cause the sensor to falsely detect a power outage and turn SafeLumin on after the light switch is turned off. SafeLumin is only compatible with normal LED and CFL bulbs.

Q. Can I unplug the lamp cord from the outlet to simulate the power outage?

A. No, Safelumin power sensing technology requires a closed circuit. Unplugging the lamp cord will not turn on the backup light.

To easily test the bulb by just unplugging the lamp, simply wrap the two prongs of the plug with foil. This trick will simulate a closed circuit and turn on the backup light if the switch is in the “ON position”.

light trick-safelumin

Q. Can I simulate power outage and verify SafeLumin function?

A. The easy way to test the Safeluinin is use the foli trick as dscribe above.

Advanced test: Use “Main” breaker to cut “whole house” power (cut power at main breaker, not sub-panel breaker), and turn light switch on and off to verify SafeLumin works in your light fixture. However, this is unnecessary and we do not recommend it as many users are unfamiliar with the house breaker operation.

Q. How does the battery life test button work?

A. Battery life test button: Hold the test button for 3 seconds and you will see Safelumin blink.

test button-safelumin led lights

3 blinks: Full charge (works 2-3 hrs)
2 blinks: Half charge (works 1-2 hrs)
1 blink: Low charge (works 1 min -1 hr)
0 blinks: Empty charge (works 0 hr)

If after several years of use it only blinks once after charging 6 hours that means the battery is degraded from normal wear and tear. You should replace it with a new battery to ensure proper functioning. Please contact us to order your new battery.

Tips: If showing 0 blinks, check the battery wire connection to make sure it is secure. Then charge for 6 hours. If it still does not blink then replace with a new battery. It is good idea for ANNUAL inspection at the same time you check your smoke detector.

Q. Is this safe to use in a bathroom fixture?

A. Safelumin is safe to use in a bathroom fixture such as vanity light, however, Safelumin is rated for damp location. The powder room or half bath is considered dry location, so they are safe to use in this location.

Shower or bathtub will create humidity and is considered a damp or wet location, depending on the install location. If you install above the sink with a good exhaust fan to remove humidity, then it is fine. Do not install above the shower as this is considered a wet location.

Make sure the light fixture is open face for good air flow.

Attention: If your switch controls both light and exhaust fan, it will not work. “Fan” will cause the sensor to falsely detect a power outage and turn Safelumin on after the light switch is turned off. This is because fan has the same character as an incandescent bulb. Make sure your light and fan have a separate switch before installing the Safelumin. (Fan: means any type of fan, not just exhaust fan controlled by the same switch as the lights)

Q. Will Safelumin light bulb charge even if lamp is rarely or never turned on, such as an unused bedroom?

A. Safelumin sensor system is constantly checking the power condition, so it needs battery energy to support the sensing operation when the light is off.

Our system drains very little battery. It will last 6+ months when fully charged. Safelumin suggests turning lights on 6 hours every 3 months to keep a maximum charge. That means turn lights on 6 hours every 3 months at least. This should be easy to do even in an unused bedroom.

Q. How long do the batteries last? I see there are replacement batteries available.

A. We expect the battery to last 3-5 years maybe up to 10 based on normal use and relevant temperatures. Heat is not good for the batteries but safelumin is the coolest bulb due to our air gap design. The new rechargeable batteries are shelf stable for 10 years.

Q. The flashlight feature does not work. I’ve tried the button, and using foil.

A. The Flashlight & Power Sensor deactivated prior to shipping. Power ON the bulb to active ALL functions.

Q. How do you power ON the bulb? I’ve depressed the button which shows the bulb is charged by flashing 3 times but the flashlight feature does not work.

A. To “Power ON” the bulb, simply install Safelumin into any lamp / light socket, then turn on the light switch for 10sec. (The Flashlight & Power Sensor deactivated prior to shipping. Power ON the bulb to active ALL functions.)

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