Interior lighting is an integral part of house design. You can change the ambiance of your house simply by rearranging the lighting and the fixtures you utilize. Lighting design, like any other trend, changes with time. It carves out new territory, responds to seasonal shifts, and, like many trends, restores the old, reinventing it into something new and exciting. The lighting scheme and layout varies from room to room. What works in the guest room may not work in the kitchen or study. Each space’s lighting must reflect its purpose and mood. Like every other aspect of interior design, lighting design is constantly evolving. 

One of the reasons for these shifts is technological advancement. Homeowners add modern fixtures and bulbs into their houses when manufacturers develop them. While there will be no drastic changes in lighting design in 2022, there are a few noticeable trends that every homeowner should be aware of. Here are the top residential LED lighting trends for 2022. 


Simplicity and elegance in design have been emerging trends in recent years – and they will only increase in popularity. Current lighting trends emphasize the importance of simplicity in residential lighting layouts to create a clean and modern environment. Toning down on lavish design and choosing simple, fundamental colors benefits residential lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and track lighting. 

When combined with a room’s design, these basic fixtures in black, white, or grey may draw attention to the elements of space with the most fabulous color and intrigue. LED lighting trends have enabled a broad range of color temperatures that may be used to improve a room further and create the desired ambiance. Simple LED lights combined with simple fixtures may highlight a clean, white space with a sparkling brilliance or add comfort to an environment with a pleasant warmth. Finally, this lighting trend should be determined by your particular preferences and interior design – but remember, keep it simple.


We’ve talked a lot about lighting around your house, but let’s focus on bathroom lighting. Bathrooms frequently include many focus pieces, such as a large statement piece vanity, a spacious walk-in shower, or a free-standing tub. As a result, the lighting in the bathroom is supposed to be basic and not detract from the decor; it is there to complement yet still provide adequate light. Just because the lighting style is minimalist does not exclude you from having beautiful and ornamental lighting. You’re OK as long as it’s not the primary focal point or detracts from the design!


One trend that seems to never go out of style is environmental friendliness. Everyone on the planet is responsible for lowering their carbon footprint. Using LED bulbs instead of incandescent or fluorescent lights is a simple move in the right direction. LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than other forms of lighting, and 95% of the power they create is turned to light, compared to the 5% of light produced by fluorescent and incandescent lights. 

LED lighting industry trends have concentrated on using less electricity to produce more light while eliminating the need for dangerous compounds such as mercury in their construction, which is damaging to the environment. This is probably one of the most crucial lighting trends to pay attention to.


LED lighting industry trends are innovating and expanding on smart lighting technologies. Using a smart LED bulb, you can simply generate multiple lighting situations from a smartphone over a wireless connection. Current lighting trends appear to be heading in the same way as the rest of the modern world — smart items are increasing across the home. 

Your lighting should not be any different, and lighting is among the most creative applications of this innovative technology. You’ll be able to effortlessly modify the hue, color temperature, luminance, and intensity of one or all your lights from anywhere in your house using smart LED bulbs. Make your ideal party ambient lighting, a private environment for a romantic night, and much more.


LED bulbs and lighting designs from renowned firms like Safelumin have been a rising trend with developments in the lighting sector. With growing demands for innovative and creative lighting designs, this trend is projected to continue through 2022. Whatever lighting choices you make in 2022, we hope this has given you some ideas!

There is no need to feel compelled to select a particular style. The finest lighting design is one that you will enjoy and function well in your house. The trends mentioned above are intended to offer you a sense of what you may do with your home lighting in the future year, whether you are remodeling or building a new house.