You might be left looking around for a flashlight or a candle when the electricity is cut off unexpectedly. That’s certainly inconvenient.

To help you with this, Ledsens LLC has invented a new product called ‘SafeLumin.’ The Safelumin Rechargeable LED bulb will light up even when there’s no electricity. The Safelumin LED light bulb uses a regular socket which looks a lot like a standard light bulb, but it runs on battery power if the power going off for hours.

The Safelumin LED bulb’s components involve a small circuit board, battery, CPU, inverter, and control systems to keep it lit even when the other lights go dark. The battery charges when the light bulb is screwed in as normal. If the electricity goes off, the Safelumin bulb stays lit for up to four hours without interruption.

The bulb can sense if it is drawing power from the grid or its own battery power, so even if the rest of the house is dark, you can walk into a room where a Safelumin bulb is installed, flip the switch and never even know the electricity is out.

If you have sufficient Safelumin LED bulbs installed in every room, you won’t even notice that the power is cut. Only add these bulbs like your regular bulbs and notice the difference after the buttons are turned off. The room will be illuminated as normal.

The technology behind this product is a special “patented Uninterrupted Light System (ULS) technology.” And with its elegant design, Safelumin makes blackouts a thing of the past.

This LED bulb has various benefits, like:

  • Turns on and off automatically when the power is out
  • Lasts long – up to 25,000hrs
  • Has rechargeable battery
  • Has replaceable battery
  • Is shatter resistant
  • Has a sleek and elegant design
  • Is durable
  • Is energy efficient
  • Provides light, safety, and reassurance during a power outage
  • Produces low heat

If the switch was “ON” when the power goes out, the bulb will remain ON. And if the switch was “OFF”, then it will remain OFF. So, even during a power outage, you can simply turn ON the switch to let the bulk work like normal!

The best thing about the Safelumin light bulb is that your work will not stop when the power goes out. You won’t have to look for candles or emergency lamps!

Just replace your existing bulbs with Safelumin bulbs. This should take care of lighting up your rooms as easily as before.

To know more about the revolutionary Safelumin LED bulbs, visit our website today!