The concept of a ‘great global blackout’ is a view that was widely expressed during the latter half of 2021. Though this concept may appear to be overly dramatic, we can however expect power outages to intensify in the future. The media also does it’s bit in promoting concepts such as ‘A Hot, Deadly Summer Is Coming With Frequent Blackouts’.

As with many industrialized countries, America’s ever-increasing demands on the national power grid will, in likelihood, result in rolling blackouts and power outages. Inclement weather conditions and global endeavors at transitioning to renewable sources of energy in the shortest timeframes, creates further ongoing challenges in generating and suppling power. It’ projected that at least a dozen US states from California to the Great Lakes are at risk of electricity outages this summer. Nonetheless, for whatever reason, breakdowns in the supply of electrical power are arguably the most inconvenient and debilitating of all utility service delivery issues.

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Existing Lighting with Uninterrupted Rechargeable LED Bulbs 

  1. Never Get Caught In The Dark

From a safety perspective, especially in respect of small children and the elderly, an emergency lighting setup is an investment worth considering and can be a lifesaver.
Putting together an emergency survival kit is an essential part of any emergency preparedness commencement plan.  Should an emergency situation arise in the dark hours then having the best-of-breed emergency lighting as a backup for home usage is certainly a worthwhile investment.

The Safelumin uninterrupted and rechargeable bulb acts as both a regular lightbulb and an emergency light. Their patented power-outage sensing constantly monitors your home’s power levels. In the event of a blackout, Safelumin will provide up to 3 hours of backup light. Simply flip your switch ON.

A unique battery test function allows you to monitor its charge levels. One blink one hour; two blinks two hours, three blinks three hours of light available. It’s the only bulb on the market to offers this functionality.

  • Affordable & Cost Efficient  

A cost effective and affordable alternative lighting solution which should form part of any emergency lighting protocol can immediately be implemented. It not only caters for power outages but also contributes to considerable daily savings in both homes and businesses.

Safelumin uses 75% less energy than incandescent (filament based) bulbs and as a result, your electrical cost of lighting is reduced significantly. Not only is the cost of power reduced, but the bulbs emit lower heat, so the lifespan of Safelumin is 25 times longer.

  • Environmentally Friendly

The Safelumin range of uninterrupted rechargeable lighting acts as a sustainable source of both emergency and day-to-day lighting. Replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs with Safelumin bulbs is a viable ‘green energy’ investment in a sustainable resource. The absence of Mercury in the manufacturing process adds to its ‘green’ appeal

  • Durability

Less energy consumed does not equate to a lesser source of light. Safelumin bulb provides light in the equivalent of a 60watt filament bulb. The filament is notorious for its delicacy and thin glass housing. They tend to break easily. Safelumin is durable, shatter-proof, and will last 25,000 hours.

  • No Planned Obsolescence

Most other rechargeable bulbs have built-in obsolescence. Their often-inferior brand of backup battery is not replaceable and therefore means that the entire bulb needs to be replaced. The Safelumin unit, in contrast, allows the battery to be replaced thus obliterating the need to purchase another bulb.

The patented self-charging function means that batteries will only charge up to the point of maximum charging capacity.  In contrast, many similar brands invariably charge the battery without interruption, causing an immediate deterioration in the life of a battery.

Final Thoughts
Putting together a survival kit is an essential part of any emergency preparedness commencement plan.  Should an emergency situation arise in the dark hours then having the best-of-breed emergency lighting is certainly a worthwhile investment.  Safelumin is without a doubt a versatile consideration in both daily use and emergency lighting situations and is a necessity for those unplanned power outages.