People use light bulbs extensively. Proper lighting is essential for a smooth life. Any power outages, even short-term ones, have negative consequences. Homeowners often face the problem of power outages. This can happen for many reasons, such as wear on power lines, weather conditions, or improper load sharing. To solve this problem, try a light bulb with battery backup. It will illuminate your house at all times as it has an excellent battery backup. What are the other advantages of a battery backup light bulb? Just see for yourself.

  • Uninterrupted Illumination

Many homes, offices, and institutions require uninterrupted power supply and proper illumination. Proper illumination and lighting make it possible for individuals to live normally despite power cuts. A lightbulb with battery backup is an excellent solution for all those individuals who constantly face the problem of power outages. Once charged fully, such bulbs can give proper illumination in all places or houses. You don’t need to stop work (because of the power cut) and sit idle. In case of an unexpected power outage, such bulbs keep lighting your house as usual.

  • A Wide Scope of Use

People from different walks of life widely use light bulbs with a battery backup. You can see such energy-saving lamps in:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting of rooms, streets, and offices,
  • Workplace lighting,
  • Car incandescent lamps,
  • Flashlights,
  • Industrial premises and factories where night shifts are quite common,
  • On public transport, trains, ships…etc.
  • Save Your Electricity Bills: Greater Efficiency

The efficiency of an energy-saving lamp with battery backup is very high, and the luminous efficiency is about five times greater than that of a traditional incandescent light bulb. For example, a 7.5-watt energy-saving light bulb produces a luminous flux equal to that of a typical 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Thanks to this ratio, energy-saving lamps allow you to accrue savings of 88% without losing the illumination of the room that is familiar to you. Moreover, during long-term operation from a conventional incandescent light bulb, the luminous flux decreases over time due to the tungsten filament’s burnout, and illumination worsens. Energy-saving lamps do not have such a disadvantage.

  • Long Service Life

Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps last several times longer. Ordinary incandescent light bulbs fail due to burning out of the tungsten filament. Energy-saving lamps, having a different design and a fundamentally different principle of operation, last much longer than incandescent lamps on average 15-25 times.

This is about 15 to 25 thousand hours of bulb operation (usually the bulb life is determined by the internal component selection). Because energy-saving lamps last a long time and do not require frequent replacement, they are very convenient to use in places where the process of replacing light bulbs is difficult. For example, in rooms with high ceilings or in chandeliers with complex structures where you have to disassemble the chandelier’s body to replace the bulb.

  • Low Heat Transfer

Due to the high efficiency of energy-saving bulbs, most of the electricity consumed is converted into a luminous flux, while energy-saving lamps emit very little heat. In some chandeliers and bulbs, it is dangerous to use ordinary incandescent bulbs. They emit large amounts of heat and melt the plastic part of the cartridge, adjacent wires, or the body itself, leading to a fire.

  • High light Output

In a typical incandescent bulb, the light comes only from the tungsten spiral. The energy-saving lamp glows throughout its entire area. Thanks to this, the light from the energy-saving lamp becomes soft and uniform, more pleasant to the eyes, and spreads better around the room.

  • Warranty Obligations

Each manufacturer offers a guarantee which may vary from 1 to 3 years. Ideally, you should choose the lightbulb with a long warranty period.

  • Smooth Principle of Operation

Our traditional life cannot be imagined without artificial lighting. Structures of houses and apartments, premises, and office buildings require artificial lighting. For a normal life, people just need lighting. However, power cuts are quite common in rural and urban areas of the country. A battery backup lightbulb is an ideal solution to this problem. You can purchase it from online or offline stores and use it in homes, offices, apartments, malls, etc. Such bulbs offer the best value for money. They recharge automatically while the light is being used. When there is a disturbance in the electricity supply, these bulbs keep illuminating premises on demand by flipping your existing light switch. They act as a lifesaver and help you lead a normal life if the power cut lasts longer. So, purchase a good-quality battery backup light bulb and always illuminate your premises.