When it comes to landscaping, plants often take center stage and at times pools and fountains are added to the mix, but we rarely think of adding some aesthetic lighting to the landscape. Usually, the lights added to the outer area are kept to a bare minimum, but since your home is your pride and joy and the outer space needs to be as welcoming as the inner space, it is a must to illuminate it aesthetically and adequately. There is also no need to worry about your electricity bill going up as you can use LED light bulbs.

If you think lighting the landscape is required only to keep it illuminated and is an unnecessary waste of electricity, think again! There are other advantages as well:


When you construct a house, it is done with the utmost care for both the inside and the outside. So, why shouldn’t the property’s visual appeal be on display after dark? When you install LED lighting in your back and front yards, it accentuates the house’s landscape and the house’s exterior. 

For instance, the door you have installed with intricate architectural details can be showcased in the nighttime better than in the day with strategically placed lights.

Enhance your favorite tree, the garden colors, and the texture of the lawns with flood lights and strategically placed lights on the tree branches. Furthermore, when you light up the landscape, the house looks more inviting to guests, and you can also increase the use of the space outside your home. 


You can use outdoor LED lighting to highlight the décor you have used to beautify the area. They illuminate landscape or architectural features in the yard and add to the overall ambience of the outside space.

Install lights around the perimeter of the yard and along the pathways so people can see where to walk.

There are so many beautiful lights that are a feature of their own. Add them as exclusive décor pieces. They are good conversation starters.


Landscape lighting helps with the visibility of the outside path that leads to your house. Efficient lighting ensures there is no chance of family members or guests tripping while entering the property when it is dark. Often unilluminated areas during outdoor activities or parties can be dangerous because the darkness obscures the cracked sidewalk or uneven paths. As a result, it can lead to accidents. Hence by placing strategic lighting around both front and back yards, the problem can be avoided. 


An unlit front and backyard give the impression of a dark house which is attractive to potential burglars. However, with the help of landscape lighting, you can deter the thieves who often thrive under the cover of darkness. In addition, since proper lighting reduces the shadows and the darkness, it is easy for your neighbors or passers-by to spot unwanted thieves or miscreants in action. 

A well-lit landscape lets the homeowners get a better view of the visitors entering the property at night. So, if anyone is lurking in the yard, you can detect them easily. 


A benefit that is often overlooked in landscape lighting is insurance credit. It is quite possible that your home insurance company can offer a discount when you light up the back and front yard of the house. National General Insurance has stated that home premiums are significantly reduced when a homeowner places exterior lighting, a security system, smoke alarms, and deadbolts on the property. 

When you do not report a claim for a burglary you will receive benefits from the insurance company. 


Irrespective of the design and the size of the house, when you add landscape lighting, it adds positivity to the property. It also accentuates the style and dimension of the house while highlighting the best features with strategic illumination. Therefore, even a modest home with a well-lit outer area can become dynamic. 

When selling a property, landscape lighting adds value to the house. It is often one of the key areas that attract potential buyers to the house.


The best lighting option is LED lighting. LED light bulbs are energy efficient, emit low heat, and are shatterproof. They can also be purchased in a soft white or warm white giving the outside area a warm relaxing ambience

These are the six main advantages of landscape lighting. So why wait anymore? Illuminate the outside area of your house with LED lighting. They are not only cost-effective but also have a long shelf-life.

Improve your home’s safety, enhance functionality and create a stylish welcome by adding landscape lighting to your front and back yard.