Rechargeable LED Light Bulbs: How They Keep You Safe and Comfortable During Storm Season

Rechargeable LED Light Bulbs: How They Keep You Safe and Comfortable During Storm Season

Fall and winter are seasons of change and beauty, but they also bring along stormy weather that can disrupt your power supply and leave you in the dark. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios and have a reliable backup lighting solution.

This is where rechargeable LED light bulbs come in handy. In this blog post, we’ll show you how these smart light bulbs can help you weather the storm and keep your home bright and cozy.

Continuous Illumination:

Rechargeable LED light bulbs are designed to provide continuous illumination during power outages. They have built-in batteries that can be charged during daily use and used at night when the power goes out. You don’t have to worry about running out of light or fumbling for candles or flashlights.

Battery-Free Operation:

Unlike conventional flashlights or lanterns, rechargeable LED light bulbs don’t require disposable batteries that can run out quickly or harm the environment. You can simply charge your LED bulbs using a standard socket and enjoy hours of light without any hassle.

Easy Portability:

Many rechargeable LED light bulbs are portable, meaning you can carry them around your home or even outside during a storm. Some models have handles or hooks that allow you to hang them anywhere you need light.

Customizable Lighting:

Rechargeable LED light bulbs offer customizable lighting options that suit your needs and preferences. You can choose between different color temperatures, from warm to cool to create the perfect ambiance for your space.

Preserve Battery Life:

Rechargeable LED light bulbs come equipped with an integrated battery for added convenience. Depending on the specific model, these bulbs can provide illumination for several hours on a single charge. This feature ensures that you’ll have a reliable source of light during prolonged power outages, such as during a storm.

Crucial Components for Emergency Kits:

A properly equipped emergency kit plays a vital role during stormy seasons. Incorporating rechargeable LED light bulbs into your emergency kit guarantees a reliable light source when needed. The advantage of these bulbs being rechargeable is that you won’t have to concern yourself with keeping a stock of batteries. Remember to charge the bulb’s battery before storing it, or even better, use it regularly to maintain the rechargeable battery’s readiness.

Efficient and Cost-Effective:

Rechargeable LED light bulbs are energy-efficient, which means they consume less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. This saves you money on your electricity bills and reduces your carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Choice:

By choosing rechargeable LED light bulbs over disposable alternatives, you’re making an eco-friendly choice. LED technology is energy-efficient and contains no harmful substances, reducing your environmental impact.

SafeLumin rechargeable LED light bulbs are not just a lighting solution; they are a lifesaver during fall and winter storms. Don’t let the stormy weather get you down – invest in these versatile, eco-friendly, and reliable light sources.

Light up your home with safety and comfort, knowing that you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Make the smart choice this storm season and stock up on rechargeable LED light bulbs. Your future self will thank you when the lights go out, and you can still enjoy the warmth and security of well-lit surroundings.

To sum up, explore our selection of rechargeable LED light bulbs and stay prepared for the upcoming fall and winter storms.

9 New Year’s Resolutions for Saving Energy

9 New Year’s Resolutions for Saving Energy

As we enter a new year, many of us make resolutions to improve our lives and well-being. One important resolution that often gets overlooked is saving energy. Not only can it save us money on our electricity bills, but it also helps reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment. In this article, we will discuss nine New Year’s resolutions for saving energy that can not only help you save money but also reduce your environmental impact. So, let’s start:

Resolution 1: Unplug Electronics When Not In Use

Many electronics continue to use energy even when turned off, a phenomenon known as standby power. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, standby power accounts for about 10% of the average household’s electricity usage. You can save money and reduce your carbon footprint by unplugging electronics when not in use.

Resolution 2: Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs use significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last much longer. According to Energy Star, if every American home replaces only one regular light bulb with an LED bulb, we can save enough power to light more than two million homes for a year and prevent 7 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year. By switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, you can save money on your electricity bill and reduce your environmental impact.

So, if you are also looking to replace your incandescent bulbs with high-quality LED bulbs, Safelumin LED bulbs are a perfect choice. Our energy-saving LED bulbs, which were developed with energy efficiency in mind, consume up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. By reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll not only save money on your electricity bill but also benefit the environment. On top of energy savings, Safelumin offers an additional bonus acting as a power outage light bulb.

Resolution 3: Reduce Your Water Usage

Water is an essential resource that is regularly mismanaged. You can save money and decrease your environmental impact by fixing leaks, and taking shorter showers. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that an average family uses approximately 300 gallons of water per day. Lowering your water bill can reduce your water consumption and help the environment.

Resolution 4:Commute By Bus, Carpool, Or Bicycle

A significant contributor to emissions of greenhouse gases is transportation. So, instead of driving alone, consider using the bus, carpooling, or biking to minimize your influence on the environment and also save money on gasoline.

Resolution 5: Plant Trees Or Put Up Shade Structures

Reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your home by using trees and other shade structures. For example, the U.S. Department of Energy claims that constructing shade structures and planting trees can cut your air conditioning expenditures by up to 25%. So, you can lower your impact on the environment and save money on your electricity bill by planting trees or installing shading equipment.

Resolution 6: Insulate your home

Insulation keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can save money on heating and cooling expenses and reduce your environmental impact by insulating your roof and walls. In addition, the United States Department of Energy claims that homeowners can reduce their heating and cooling expenses by up to 20% by properly insulating their homes.

Resolution 7: Use a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to automatically adjust your home temperature when you are away or asleep. Using a programmable thermostat can save money on your heating and cooling costs and reduce your environmental impact. The United States Department of Energy states that homeowners can save up to 10% a year on their heating and cooling costs by simply lowering their thermostats to 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 hours a day.

Resolution 8: Invest In Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances consume less energy and can lower your monthly power bills. So, look for appliances with the Energy Star logo, which certifies that the product satisfies or exceeds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements for energy efficiency. By purchasing energy-efficient equipment, you can lower your environmental impact and save money on your electricity bill.

Resolution 9: Educate Yourself

The secret to building a sustainable future is education. You can make intelligent choices to act if you learn more about energy efficiency. You can educate yourself by reading books, listening to lectures, or going to workshops.


Implementing these 9 New Year’s resolutions for saving energy can help you save money, reduce your environmental impact, and contribute to a sustainable future. You can make a massive difference in the long run by taking small steps to conserve energy. And when it comes to saving energy while maximizing the lightning effect in your home, nothing beats Safelumin LED bulbs.

The Importance of Emergency Lighting in  Power Outage Situations

The Importance of Emergency Lighting in Power Outage Situations

Lighting plays an important role in our emotional well-being. When there is no light, our minds can get overly active and in a crisis situation, darkness can feed our fears. Many of the Hurricane Sandy victims were without power for 10-13 days. Hurricane Katrina victims were without power for 20-23 days. So, are you prepared in case of a power outage situation? 

Just as seatbelts and airbags should work properly in the case of a car accident, so should alarms, fire extinguishers and other devices during a fire, power outage or other disaster. However, one of the most commonly available – and therefore one of the most significant – approaches to life safety, which often goes unnoticed, are emergency lights.

The US is experiencing a higher number of long-lasting power outages than any other developed country in the world. The average US power user loses power for 3.5 hours per year, while the average Japanese customer suffers only six minutes of power loss per year. In case of an outage, residents may not have confidence in navigating buildings safely. If there is a power outage, the hallways still need to be passable, if possible.

Emergency lighting in stairwells and hallways can calm the nerves during a power outage. Commercial emergency lights are an essential part of building fire safety as they provide lighting when other lights fail.

In a fire incident or a power outage, the primary power source can be disconnected and the building needs emergency backup lights to keep the occupants safe. Choosing LED emergency lights is a great decision, because LED lights offer many advantages to the building, the occupants, and the owners of the building.

1. Cost– Emergency LED lights are one of the most cost-effective lights on the market as they last much longer than normal lighting solutions. LED lights usually cost more than other lights at first, but since they last longer and have lower operating costs, emergency LED lights will potentially save you money in the long run.

2. Durability– Due to the strength and durability of the LED light bulbs, they are the ideal choice for rougher environments. LED lights are a solid state lighting device and are much less likely to fail if they are dropped or if they have an external effect. Without filaments or glass enclosures, LEDs are breakage resistant and largely immune to vibrations and other impacts.

3Energy Efficient – LED lights use about 50 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen options, resulting in substantial energy cost savings, especially for spaces with lights that are on for extended periods. In fact, LED lights are believed to be 80 percent more effective, which means that 80 percent of the energy they use is actually converted to light. Residual energy is converted into electricity, whereas incandescent lights only achieve 20% efficiency.

Like these, there are endless benefits of LED lights when it comes to making your space more beautiful. So don’t wait, go get your set today from our LED lights shop!

3 Effective Tips on How to Make Your Space More Beautiful with LED Lights

3 Effective Tips on How to Make Your Space More Beautiful with LED Lights

Over the years, LED lights have grown into popularity. A few reasons why LED lights have out shined other kinds of lighting systems include durability, energy efficiency, the superior quality of lighting, and long lifespan. Also, the rapid advancements of LED technology have created the opportunity for a radical decrease in prices as well as more extensive ranges of colour temperatures and styles.

From the kitchen to the bedroom lighting and to illuminating your entire living environment with LED lights, there is an endless possibility when it comes to illuminating your home with LED lights like Safelumin.

Let’s take a look at the effective ways to make your space beautiful with Safelumin LED lights! 

In the Bedroom: LED Accent Lights

Bedrooms do not require heavy lighting. Adding accent LED lights in your bedroom can bring about wonders. With numerous available alternatives and methods, there is no denying the fact that LED lighting technology has grown to become a staple when it comes to bedroom lighting. Accent lighting can be used to highlight photo frames and art pieces. Instead of accent lights, you can also use LED lights of different colours to create a colourful look.

In the Bathroom: LED Sconces

There is no worse situation than finding yourself bathing in a bathroom that has minimal or unflattering light. Incandescent lights in your bathroom will make everything look yellowish. And yes, fluorescent could wash out your spaces. Whenever you opt for Safelumin LED lighting in your bathroom, you’ll be exposed to a light temperature that works perfectly for your entire bathing area. LED sconces come with a wide variety of light temperatures that are absolutely favourable. Rather than overhead lighting, utilizing a LED sconce in your bathroom illuminates your entire bathing area with the correct colour while also preventing any unflattering shadows stemming from any angle.

led lights in living room

In the Living Room: LED Downlighting

Recessed lighting and your entire living space works hand in hand. Replacing your already existing recessed cans of light with Safelumin LED bulbs brings about an increase in energy efficiency, and dazzles the light of your entire living room. Considering the viability of your budget as well as space, you could opt for switching your can-lightings with LED recessed modules. With this, you’ll arrive at a better quality of light that lasts longer.

Like these, there are endless applications of Safelumin LED lights when it comes to making your space more beautiful. So don’t wait, go get your set today from our LED lights shop!

4 Major Health Benefits of LED Lighting

4 Major Health Benefits of LED Lighting

Lighting is something we do not pay attention to most of the time, but we really miss it when it’s unavailable. Every day and night, we are exposed to different kinds of lights like LED lighting, traditional incandescent, and fluorescents, and these surely have an effect on our overall health.

LED lights are a fascinating advancement in the lighting industry. They are more energy-efficient and durable than the traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs like Safelumin have a longer life span and consume significantly lower energy than other energy saving illumination methods.

A normal incandescent light bulb is more of a heater then light source as over 90% of its energy is turned into heat. So it’s a very inefficient light source indeed.

Florescent lights, on the other hand, are prone to breaking and also contain mercury which can have adverse effects on your health.

When compared with other traditional light products, LEDs are the ultimate fit for all your needs. Researches have shown that LED lighting can have various health benefits. And today, we’re discussing the top four of them.

Less Flickering Means Less Headaches

Traditional fluorescent bulbs flicker a lot and this can have serious effects for those who suffer from migraines and headaches. It can also cause strain in the eye and contribute to other age-related degeneration. Don’t worry though, as LEDs do not flicker and can help reduce headaches due to their similarity with natural light.

LED Lighting Regulates Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythm is part of your biological process that influences the physiological process. Enough exposure to natural light promotes a healthy and regular circadian rhythm. LEDs mimic natural light and are designed in such a way that they help regulate the circadian rhythm. Other traditional lighting products aren’t designed for it.

4 Major Health Benefits of LED Lighting

No Harmful Toxins

LEDs are made using non-toxic materials and are very much safe for your health. Like traditional fluorescent lights, they don’t contain mercury. Even a small amount of exposure to mercury can have serious health problems. Mercury has toxic effects on the nervous and digestive systems, lungs, skin and eyes. LED lighting also helps to reduce stress and anxiety and is good for the environment too.

LED Lighting Improves Productivity

Studies have shown that organizations opting for LEDs are seeing a higher level of productivity. LED lighting can influence the mood and performance so correct lighting is very much essential. LED light mimics natural light so it has a higher Color Rendering Index.


LED lighting has numerous health benefits as mentioned above. So it’s naturally advisable to replace your traditional lighting with the wonderful Safelumin LED bulbs to enjoy its health benefits for the years to come!