Is it important to replace the lighting in your home before selling it? Is it worth spending your money on lighting before the sale? Yes, lighting is an important element when preparing your home for a sale. It is worth spending the money on lighting as it helps to cover the condition and age of your home. 

When planning to sell a house, the seller makes repairs and improvement projects on their home. While noting down the room-by-room inventory on paint, carpet and other things, it is also important to glance up at the lighting in your home. The perfect lighting helps to attract potential buyers by enhancing the features of a home, making it more stylish, and also make it feel larger.

Here are some of the basic tips to understand the importance of lighting when showcasing space and making it more modern:

Natural Lighting:

Almost all people don’t like to live in a dark home. The rooms without sufficient lighting and darkness are an immediate turn-off for the buyers. The first and easiest step is to let the natural sunlight in by opening the curtains, blinds or shutters and cleaning the windows thoroughly to increase the light as much as possible. It is also important to have a look in the evening when there is less natural light. 

Replace non-lighting light problems:

Buyers will not always visit your home during the day. There are chances the buyers may show up at night after work. During a night visit, if the buyer tries to flip the switch of the light in the room and it does not turn on, it may make a negative impression and turn potential buyers away. You should replace the broken or burnt out lamps in every part of your home. These are less costly repairs that will improve the buyer’s experience. 

Update and upgrade the lighting:

Many sellers have lived in their home for 20+ years with outdated lighting. Some lighting may still work in the space, but many times they look horribly dated. Using very little money you can replace the older style fixtures with more trendy fixtures to modernize the space. Consider different light fixtures that help to improve the space. To make a room more open and feel larger try adding mirrors as they can reflect the available light. You can place mirrors in rooms with inadequate windows. 

Task Lighting: 

There are specific rooms such as Kitchen, Bathroom and Office that need more illumination for certain purposes like meal preparation, cosmetic application and reading. In kitchens, you can add lighting in work areas like sinks, under cabinets, and over islands that can add an overall profile and also highlight the attractive details like your countertops or backsplash. In bathrooms, above the vanity mirrors or on the sides consider adding wall-mounted fixtures. You can also add sconces beside the mirrors that should be bright and consistent. In your office, one main ceiling light source, recessed lighting, and a desk lamp make it brighter and more workable. 

Wall Sconces and hanging pendants:

Wall sconces are another thing to consider when you are looking for more lighting ideas. Unlike table and floor lamps, wall sconces and hanging pendants save you room without wasting the floor space. There are many options available. A hanging pendent that can be hung on the wall or ceiling in any room eliminates the wiring issue. The swivel types of fixtures are giving you an extra advantage by been able to illuminate several different spots.

Exterior lighting:

Lighting outside your home makes the buyers feel more welcomed into your home and drawn into its entryway. Consider placing the solar-powered lamps along the path leading up to the home’s front door. It is also one of the safe and secure ways to protect your home from burglary and also avoid tripping hazards. The buyers may not consciously think about it but the more light they see makes them feel safer in your neighbourhood.

Power outage lighting:

Another great selling feature of your home is to add emergency lighting. Unlike commercial emergency lighting which requires professional installation, a new type of LED light bulb has self-charging ability and serves the purpose of backup light during power outages. Especially in rolling blackouts or hurricane prone locations, you will feel safe to have these simple updates. They are energy efficient and can be used every day like a regular light bulb. A product like Safelumin works with and without power and is very affordable. They are also easy to install, just like changing a light bulb.

These are some of the most important things you should consider about lighting your home before selling. When you install or replace a light bulb always think about being energy conscious. The new LEDs or CFLs consume less energy compared to incandescent lights.