Abstract: Safelumin bulbs bring battery back-up option where it is needed most – the light bulb itself.

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 – Oconomowoc, Wisconsin – In 2016 there were 3,879 power outages affecting 17.9 million people. Were you one of them? The average outage time was 48 minutes. What would you do during the outage? Trustworthy backup light sources are often just out of reach when they are needed most. Safelumin eliminates this by putting the backup light source in the light bulb itself- always available with or without power. It is an economical way to provide safety and illumination when you don’t want to be caught in the dark.

Think about this, you can turn on the light bulb from your existing switch without electricity. Safelumin technology allows each unit to charge during normal use and then immediately turn ON when the power unexpectedly goes out. The technology is based on Safelumin’ s patented power sensor with a rechargeable battery. If the light switch is in the on position you will have uninterrupted light within 1 second of a power outage. If the light switch is off, and you realize an outage just flip the switch and its lights on! You can also turn on and off the safelumin from your existing light switch to conserve the battery.

Safelumin is a Quality everyday light that you can enjoy for reading, work, art, and other tasks. During normal use it is very energy efficient using only 6.5W of electricity. When operating off the battery in backup mode it stays bright for up to three hours. The backup light has the same brightness from the first to the last minute. This will provide safety as the user prepares for all the contingencies connected with a power failure.

Installation of the Safelumin bulb is as easy as screwing in a lightbulb. The battery will charge while light is on and auto stop charging when full. It is compatible with normal CFL and LED bulbs. It will provide light when you need it most, during a blackout! Safelumin Uninterrupted Light System will bring peace of mind in a time of chaos and uncertainty allowing for better decision making. Visit Amazon to purchase Safelumin for your home today.

About Safelumin:
Ledsens created the Safelumin light after working on commercial projects involving emergency lighting. Focused on bringing into the home the same emergency lighting options as seen in commercial buildings during power outages or natural disasters morphed into the Safelumin light bulb. In 2015 Safelumin was incorporated as a separate company solely focused on consumer emergency lighting solutions.

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