The best everyday light system with instant, safe backup lighting during a power outage

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin – October 3, 2017 – This is to announce to the general public, the introduction and launching of the best uninterruptable Light System called the SafeLumin Lightbulb. The SafeLumin Lightbulb is a home safety light system designed for instant and safe backup during a power outage. According to the producers: “Our safety light bulb provides light even during outages. It fits in everyday lamps and light fixtures. It is used as an everyday bulb when the power is on.” Click here to see the product.

SafeLumin Lightbulb is available at Amazon. It is very affordable and it helps to solve the problem of fumbling in the dark for candles or flashlights during a power outage.

Customers who have purchased this product are happily using it and here are what some of them are saying about the product:

By Roguespeare“This is a truly revolutionary product! It functions as a “normal” lamp light AND an emergency light in cases of power failures due to ice storms, lightning strikes, broken power lines, etc. No need to hunt for the flashlight when the power goes out and, unlike the flashlight, it brightly illuminates an entire room for hours. The light can be can be conveniently relocated to different lamps in the house – or I intend to buy additional lights for several locations. I tested my Safelumin in a lamp by tripping the breaker – voila! – it works great!”

By La Belle“It works! I didn’t want to wait for a power failure to see the light go back on so I simulated an outage. The company has a YouTube video to show how to do it. SafeLumin was much brighter than my flashlight. I put it in the staircase light fixture. I intend to get another for the basement. In Wisconsin, we have tornado warnings and the basement is the safest place to go, but it is scary in the dark.”

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About Safelumin
SafeLumin is a trade name owned by a company called LEDSENS LLC. The idea behind the design of this lightbulb started in 2012 when the team noticed there were many emergency lights for commercial buildings, but not any for residential.  SafeLumin Lightbulb was designed for dual functionality as the highest quality everyday bulb with a power outage backup light.

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