Winter is a great time of year, from holiday celebrations to cuddling up by the fire and drinking hot chocolate. However, the lovely snowy season has its own set of obstacles. Snow Storms can cause electricity cable faults and breakdowns, leaving you without heat and electricity for hours. A snowstorm power outage can be frightening because you can become trapped in your house, and you may not have a heating system to keep you warm in the bitter cold. Furthermore, your pipes may freeze and break, causing damage inside your home. Power surges can damage electrical items, including your HVAC system. 

But there is one thing that can help you face any obstacle in the dark and that’s our emergency lights with battery backup.  


Your entire neighborhood is dark, yet the lights in your house are still on. Is it because you own a generator? No! The lightbulbs that you use on a daily basis in your home are emergency lights with battery backup. Wouldn’t an ordinary-looking plug-and-play LED light with battery backup be a lifesaver in an emergency?

Our LED emergency lights with battery backup provide illumination in the dark while also providing some of the benefits of a power generator. It is both inexpensive and energy efficient. It relieves the stress of “what ifs” and prepares you for unforeseen power disruptions especially during celebrations and in the event of snowstorm power outages. It is just the solution you were looking for when planning for disasters and unforeseen circumstances. 

The majority of power outages are caused by “big occurrences” such as hurricanes, wildfires, or thunderstorms, such as the 2021 Texas winter storm, which knocked out electricity for millions. It pays to be equipped for any occurrence.  A few simple actions taken today can decrease the annoyance and danger of a power outage. Even if you have a generator, our backup lighting will illuminate places that generator does not hook up to. This will make things much simpler and safer.


Have you been looking for a perfect gift this holiday for that special loved one? Well, we have the ideal item. Make somebody’s face light up with delight when you give them the gift of light. Our emergency lights with battery backup are an excellent present for friends and family members. You will not only save money for your loved ones, but you will also promote energy efficiency. To lighten homes this Christmas season, buy our high-quality battery backup lights as inexpensive stocking stuffers. You might want to get a few led emergency lights with battery backup, stack them in a basket, and tie on a ribbon and bow. You now have the perfect present for your loved one! Save them from troubling times by giving them reliable backup lighting.


No more fumbling around in the dark for candles, matches, and a flashlight that may or may not work. When the lights go off, the Safelumin emergency lights with battery backup light up within one second and stay on for up to 3 hours. Their use is not limited to power disruptions only. They are an ideal everyday cost-effective solution to light your home. While there will always be casualties and uncertainties in life, make every effort to reduce potential dangers and risks. Visit Safelumin today and get the perfect gift of LED lights with battery backup for your friends and family members.