Beneficial features that the LED bulbs offer makes them an efficient light system for security purposes. With the continuous decline in the pricing of the LED fixtures and luminaires, and smart lighting options available, there is a great impetus for the market growth.

The current LED global market size is valued at USD 50.91 billion, and between 2021 and 2028, it is estimated to have a compound annual growth rate of 12.5%. As a result, many bulb production companies are manufacturing LED lights, and among them, Safelumin LED Light is a game-changer in the market.

Why Use LED Lights For Security Lighting?

The Illumination Engineering Society (IES) states that good security lighting helps keep your property safe by anticipating potential predators and threats. Hence, the process discourages criminals from breaking in, and the security lighting approach is termed target hardening. This means that a criminal is less likely to enter your property when they have to plan and execute the break-in for a longer time.

The purpose of the security lighting is to

  • Offer a clear view of the property, including the fences, barriers, walls, and the people entering and leaving the property.
  • Facial recognition
  • Allows you to find your keys, walk the dog, and retrieve the mail easily and safely
  • Notify you when there is a perceived threat
  • Enhance the overall safety when you are away from the property

In such a scenario, you would require a lighting system that is efficient, cost-effective and is equipped with the latest technology. Normal LED lights are efficient and beneficial for security systems. Some of the benefits they offer are

  • It warms up immediately; hence there is immediate brightness
  • Offers 25,000 hours of light
  • Mostly maintenance-free
  • It consumes less energy but has the same lumens as halogen, thus saves at least 85% of energy
  • It seems costly upfront, but in the long run, it is efficient with a longer lifespan

Apart from these benefits, small battery-operated LED lights are especially beneficial in the security lighting because of the following features it offers

Safety: Almost no emission of forwarding heat is an often overlooked feature. This is especially beneficial when considering its energy efficiency compared to incandescent light, where 90 percent of the energy becomes heat. It also translates to the fact that LEDs can work efficiently on a low voltage system, thus making it much safer when there is a low electricity supply.

Size: LEDs are extremely small, but that does not compromise their lighting ability. The smallness of the device makes it incredibly adaptable to be used in various fixtures and can be used in a whole range of places in a circuit board to light a traffic signal, a house, or a stadium.

Flexibility: The small nature of the LEDs also enable them to be combined into bunches for  any shape and lighting, from a bulb to a single small device or a string of sequences depending on the area you want to light up.

Directional emission: LEDs emit 180 degrees light instead of 360 degrees. This reduces the cost of the lighting and helps keep the focus in a single area, hence seeing the object under the light better. The feature thus makes LED a more energy-efficient lighting solution.

Better CRI: LEDs have an improved Color Rendering Index (CRI), which allows you to get the object’s actual color under the light. High CRI is one of the most desirable characteristics when it comes to security lighting for better identification.

These features make LED lighting a great choice when it comes to security lighting. When you add improved and patented technology to already existing LED lighting features, you get the best security lighting system.

Why Is Safelumin LED Light Better Than Regular LED Lights For Safety During an Outage?

The company is launching new products that are changing the way we use lighting in everyday life. For example, the new Safelumin rechargeable light bulbs now works in flashlight mode. It also works between AC 100V to 240V on global voltage. In addition, the company’s new technology enables the LED bulbs to have a brighter AC light of 800 lumens. Plus the DC backup light is 20% brighter than previous generations.

Apart from this, the new Safelumin LED Light comes with a patented air gap. This feature reduces the risk of overheating the battery and LED, thus boosting the sustainability and performance of the bulb. The Safelumin also works with up to 12 different LED and CFL bulbs on the same switch, giving the user many options and turns into a storm-safe device. However, it doesn’t work with dimmers, fans, incandescent or halogen bulbs on the same switch.

The new light that works as a flashlight bulb has a battery inside, but that doesn’t make it bulkier or bigger. It is still the same regular size A19 LED bulb that is lightweight. The biggest added advantage of this LED bulb is its power outage sensor. The outage sensor only consumes little energy that will last up to 6 months with one full charge. The factory suggests recharging the battery every 3 months to top up the battery.

It is also a bulb that has 120lm emergency lights for home power failure backup led lights, which can last up to 3 hours. Furthermore, despite the battery draining over time, the light doesn’t get dimmer, and it maintains 120lm throughout its entire usage. Also, the technology used by Safelumin allows the bulb to detect the difference between “switch off” and a power outage. So, when there is a power outage, it will respond and light up in a second. It also offers uninterrupted light to your house and property for three hours when fully charged.  The Safelumin technology has been patented, and its safe nature is certified by Underwire Laboratory.

With Safelumin, you will have a 24/7 lighting system that ensures you are always covered even when there is a power outage.

Final Words

With so many benefits of using LED bulbs and the government encouraging green technology usage, it is time you think of changing your home or office lighting system to Safelumin technology. If you plan to make your home or office smarter and more efficient with the latest LED bulb technology, you should consider using the Safelumin LED bulb and buy Safelumin Rechargeable Light Bulb. Never leave your house or property in the dark. Use the easy-to-install smart LED bulb every day because it will also work during a power outage.