Power Outage LED Bulbs

No power no longer means no lights when you use Safelumin LED bulbs!

LED Bulbs in case of Power outages


When your power unexpectedly goes out because of a power failure, blackouts or hurricane storm, you’ll probably have to spend a few minutes searching around in the dark hoping to lay your hands on a nearby candle or trying to remember where you put the torch and matches or lantern.
If only the power could stay on for a while after the power fails. Here are some of the most common causes of power outages:

  • Lightning: Lightning is a leading cause of power failures. When lightning strikes poles, transmission towers, wires or electrical equipment, outages can occur.
  • Storms: Wind, ice, snow and heat, are the most general causes of widespread power failure. Heavy snow and ice can build up on power lines and cause them to break.
  • Trees: Trees and branches can come into contact with power lines as a reason for outages in stormy weather.
  • Vehicle Accidents: Vehicle collisions with utility poles or other electrical equipment can cause a power outage.
  • Animals: Although we place barriers between animals and electricity equipment, still snakes, squirrels, and other small animals may cause a short circuit.
So what can you do about power failure?

You can’t really generate your own power or maintain your own electrical equipment, right? The best advice is to be prepared for living without the light for some time. Providing your home or business with power outage LED bulbs by Safelumin may be a safe way to start! The Safelumin power outage LED bulbs are designed with the basic aim of ensuring that people are never in the dark. It is the highest quality, energy-efficient, and most reliable power outage LED light bulb on the market!  

With its patented Uninterrupted Light System (ULS) technology and elegant design, Safelumin makes blackouts a thing of the past. Safelumin LED bulbs can transform any light fixture or lamp into a storm safe device. Installation is as simple as changing a light bulb – with no need for additional wires, screws, or remote controls. Also, Safelumin is compatible with power generators, which helps in coastal states that have hurricanes every year. You can save energy by turning a light switch on/off. Most of the homeowners living in a hurricane-prone location already own power generators, but they are very noisy to run. Most people shut them down at night. Safelumin works with power generators very well. You can run generators and charge Safelumin lights at the same time and then shut down generator at night, they still have 3 hrs light at night. That is a substantial benefit to your situation. Safelumin also includes technology in which you can turn the LED bulbs on/off from the same wall switch even during a power outage. In the end, the bulb will provide users with hours of continuous light.

Power Outage LED bulbs are…


Easy to install and has an easy to replace battery. These energy-efficient power outage LED bulbs are designed for everyday use.


During a power outage, the light bulb still works! These LED bulbs work on batteries and can give you sufficient visibility.


Everyday-use LED bulb with battery backup for power outage. When power is restored, the battery automatically recharges with normal use.

Power Outage LED Bulbs: Innovative Design and Features


25,000-Hours Rated LEDs

The Safelumin LED bulbs will last 25,000 hours. This translates to 22.8 years based on 3 hours per day.

Battery Life Test Button

The safelumin battery test button is an important feature added to the bulb. You can test whether the battery is working and its level of charge.

Built in Rechargeable Battery

The backup battery will simultaneously charge when the light is on. Once the Safelumin’s battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging so as to not damage the battery.

Works in Standard Fixtures

Designed for everyday use this power outage bulb works with standard lamps and fixtures.


Retrofit and Bright Safelumin LED bulbs

A significant challenge of inventing a battery backup LED bulb is how to make it small enough to fit in existing lamps and fixtures. After all, it is meant to replace an existing light bulb and should be about the same size. Adding a battery inside LED bulbs didn’t mean we had to make it bigger and bulkier. Safelumin is only about 1/8″ taller and as light weight  as a regular incandescent bulb. The installation process is as simple as screwing in a light bulb. Safelumin is compatible with your home’s standard lamp or lighting fixture. It can work with up to 12 different LED or CFL light bulbs on the same light switch.

Discover Our Power Outage LED Bulbs

  • Safelumin BPIR18350 3PK Replacement Battery

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    Safelumin SA19-800G27 2PK E27 Rechargeable Light Bulb (SoftWhite)

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    Safelumin SA19-800U27 2PK E26 Rechargeable Light Bulb (SoftWhite)

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    Safelumin SA19-800U50 4PK E26 Rechargeable Light Bulb (Daylight)


Looking for LED Bulbs for Power Outage Situations?

A light bulb that keeps working on when the Power goes out.  The Safelumin LED power outage light bulb checks all of the boxes when you’re shopping for a quality power outage light. 

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