Are you watching your favorite show on TV, and all of a sudden you are sitting in stark darkness? The season of power outages can be daunting and tough for a lot of people to handle. When all the appliances shut down, the eerie silence becomes a scary task. Also, the power outages can bring all your tasks to a halt.

Darkness with kids in the house is dangerous, and that is why you need non-electric backups to light your home and continue what you are doing even after a power outage. If you are not aware of backup options, here is a list of choices you can use to illuminate your home during a blackout.

Old standbys

  1. Candles

Candles are the easiest and cheapest choice on the list. You can get a lot of candles for a cheaper price and use them during a blackout. If you love DIY, you can try making different types of candles such as scented candles. Candles were the only illuminating options a few hundred years back. Nowadays most people with children or elderly in their homes recognize that this could be a fire hazard.

2. Oil or kerosene lamps

Oil lamps were also great option a hundred years back, along with candles to light the house. It is rarely used now for illuminating your home. Any kind of oil works in an oil lamp. The common oils used are kerosene oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, fish oil..etc. If you are using kerosene, make sure that your room is ventilated well to eliminate the strong odors released by them. Find a trustworthy brand of oil that is non-toxic, safe, and clean. Go for a smokeless, no-odor lamp oil for indoor usage.

Oil lamps are of different styles such as wall-mounted, table-top lamps, Aladdin, hanging lamps, reading lamps, and more. You can find an oil lamp in an antique store or yard sale but they are mostly used now as home decoration. It is not a good solution for power outages.

Frequently used today

3. Flashlights

Flashlights are an easy and portable option that you can carry everywhere. It is practical for short-term emergency lighting. There are a lot of flashlight choices in the market such as solar-powered, battery-operated, and more.  

Flashlights generate a narrow spotlight that helps you find your way, but they are not meant to illuminate a whole room. Keeping a fresh battery inside the flashlight is a challenge. Often times when people fumble in the dark and finally find a flashlight, they just realize it is not working due to dead batteries.

4. Battery lamps

The battery lamps are the modern version of oil lamps. The battery lamps are safe compared to the oil lamps, in case there are kids at home. You also don’t need to worry about the odor from the oil or the fumes. Again, keeping a fresh battery inside the lamp is a constant challenge.

5. Solar lights

 Solar energy is abundant, and the human brain has invented many ways in which solar energy can be used. One of the common ways is solar light. Solar lights work by being put outside under the sun to charge a solar panel and then store energy to a rechargeable battery. People usually use solar lights outdoors and not indoors due to the nature of how they work. Trying to use solar light in the house is possible but troublesome as you need to bring them in and out daily and hope for sunshine.

Most modern technology

6. Battery backup LED lights

Battery backup light bulbs provide instant and safe emergency light during a power outage. This emergency light bulb works like your normal LED light. The battery recharges when the light is on and stops charging when the battery is full. When the power goes off, a fully charged battery will give you 3 hours of backup light. You can command the light ON and OFF with your switch even when the power is lost.

Installation is as simple as changing a light bulb. Use every day and it’s all ready for the next power outage. It’s affordable. No fumbling in the dark, no fire hazard, no dead battery. Use in every room for your safety.

Bottom line

Power outages become nasty if you don’t have proper backup options. Choose an efficient option that works without electricity and illuminates your home.