With so many different lighting choices in the market, often times we get confused with terminology. So, we put together the top 5 most commonly used light bulbs in your house. 

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Incandescent: This is the bulb that was commonly used in your home. It has thin glass in a teardrop shape with 2 wires connected inside. When the light switch is turned on, the middle wire heats up and glows. 

Halogen: This is a tiny bulb used by itself or placed inside larger bulb shapes. It contains inert gas sealed in a very compact thumb shaped glass. When light is ON, it generates a high temperature (250° C; 482º F). 

CFL: This is the 1st generation energy efficient bulb. CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Light. It has a long thin tube often in a spiral or U-shape. It contains Mercury that is not friendly to our landfill. 

LED: This is the 2nd generation energy efficient bulb. It’s made with a plastic, shatter resistant shell. The light emits from a diode and can produce many different colors. 

Safelumin: This is the hybrid most energy efficient LED bulb on the market. It works with and without power. The built-in battery recharges when light is on. If power goes out the light still works for up to 3hrs on demand with a flip of your light switch.