Millions of Americans face power failure every year, due to which they have to be stranded in the dark for hours. And unfortunately, it is an issue rising and spreading across the United States. However, in such times they can rely on rechargeable LED bulbs. It is an affordable and accessible solution to their problem.

A rechargeable LED bulb is just like a regular bulb that you have in your home; however, its specialty is that it can be switched on during a power outage. Just put the rechargeable bulb in any light fixture where it charges its battery when the light is on and remains on during a power outage. No one would ever have to stay stuck in the dark because this rechargeable bulb gives you the experience of having lights without the expense of a power generator.

Even if there are not many power outages in your area, you still should get this rechargeable bulb because it has many benefits of led lighting.

Following are some top reasons why everyone needs to get a rechargeable LED bulb.

  1. Helps you During Power Outages:

One of the main benefits of getting a rechargeable LED bulb is never to face blackouts during power outages again. There are many risky things in a house. Moving about your hallways and going up and down the stairs in blackouts can be risky. Especially if there are children in your home, having no light can often raise the chances of many unfortunate events. Installing a Rechargeable LED light can be of great help for you. When your electricity goes off, these bulbs can help you as their built-in battery lasts up to 3 hours. If used sporadically, for example in the bathroom you only need about 5 mins a trip. The backup LED lights will last you 36 trips in about a week.

2. Reduces anxiety:

Because of human nature, a sudden blackout will increase people’s anxiety. You will be scared in pitch dark and start to fumble around trying to find candles or flashlights. Having a battery backup in the light bulb itself makes it a lot easier to manage, especially for the elderly. Being able to see instantly during a power outage is crucial to reduce anxiety.

7 Reasons Why You Need Rechargeable LED Bulbs

3. Energy Efficient:

One of the most energy-efficient sources of lightening is LEDs. Their 80-90 percent energy efficiency allows them to convert 80-90 percent of the energy to light instead of heat, making them a good investment. At the same time, the incandescent bulbs have only 20% efficiency; 80% of their energy is converted into heat.

4. Reduces Carbon Footprint:

With Rechargeable LED bulbs, you can reduce your carbon impact by one-third. Unlike other bulbs, these bulbs do not contain any chemicals or components like mercury. LED Bulbs can be disposed of completely. These bulbs last longer, and they are entirely recyclable. That’s why they reduce landfill waste and carbon footprint.

5. Countless design options:

If you want your house to have a more aesthetic look with controlled lighting, then rechargeable bulbs are the best for you. These bulbs can be combined and arranged in any way you want. Their color, light, hue, and dispersions can be adjusted accordingly. They can give you relaxing, elevating, and aesthetic lighting to fit your moods. You can also find rechargeable bulbs in different sizes.

6. Constructed with Highly durable material:

The Rechargeable LED bulbs are made up of plastic housing that is durable. Whether it’s cold temperature or high vibrations, they can withstand it. These bulbs cannot be shattered and broken like glass bulbs, because they do not contain filaments or glass casings. It makes them more reliable and a better choice than the traditional bulb.

7. They work for more extended periods:

The Rechargeable LED bulbs work efficiently. Their efficiency isn’t compromised even with switching them on or off as many times as needed. They do not even take long to turn on. These bulbs can be fitted anywhere and replace your old bulbs that consume a lot of energy. You can install these bulbs in any room, hallway, staircase, bathroom, basement, …etc. You don’t have to worry about power cuts anymore, because when the electricity goes off, this bulb can automatically be turned on with a flip of your light switch.


There are always hidden dangers and the chances of hurting yourself when the electricity is out. There is an even more significant risk of falling on the stairs or bumping into something. That is why lighting up your pathways with Safelumin’s Rechargeable LED bulbs will keep you safe. Converting to Rechargeable LED lights can be one of the best choices you ever made. It will not only keep you safe during power outages but also reduce your energy usage and cost. By simply installing a Rechargeable LED bulb, you can light up your house for an extended period. Contact Safelumin today and get the best Rechargeable LED bulbs. Now you never have to worry about being stranded in the dark due to a power outage.